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Lionheart Indycar Series iRacing Nashville 200 Report

Lionheart Indycar Series iRacing Nashville 200 Report

The Lionheart IndyCar Series in iRacing recently visited Nashville for round 6. Its full speed ahead as we have the race report.

The Lionheart Indycar Series in iRacing moves on to round 6 at Nashville. This time the drivers visit the high speed oval for the Next Level Racing Nashville 200.

Written by Darren B of

Qualifying Session Top 5

  1. #19 Kraus: 23.030
  2. #29 Benci: +0.009
  3. #53 Newsome: +0.025
  4. #44 Harrington: +0.027
  5. #91 Maleczka: +0.033

A massive 40 car grid formed up behind the pace car as we are all set for the green flag. Here we go, it’s race time, Kraus punches it and the pack reacts, Newsome gets ahead of Benci, a clean start by everyone. Plenty of 2 wide action going on as simrace247 driver Nunez makes a save and avoids Blocker as Wardlow tags the back of his car. The early stages show the drivers getting up to speed and jostling for position as Kraus still leads the field. The laps are clicking by very fast as the field continues to switch up positions throughout, Kraus leads over Newsome by 1.2 seconds with Benci 2.4 behind the leader.

Lionheart Indycar Series

Lap 20 Top 10

  1. Kraus
  2. Newsome
  3. Benci
  4. Harrington
  5. Brophy
  6. Maleczka
  7. Pinheiroo
  8. Riggs
  9. Van De Sandt
  10. Morgan

As we continue under green flag racing the top 15 are covered by 10 seconds with everything to play for. Kraus continues to lead the field with Newsome maintaining a good pace behind him. At this stage, it is all about maintaining and fighting for positions and managing the car. Calisto clips the wall on lap 29 damaging the wheel and front end of the car, he brings it back to pit road to see if that can be fixed.


Jenkins enters pit road on lap 38 for an early pitstop as Carey gets super close to the side of Chin, as they touch with the very slightest of contact, Carey slams the wall hard. Yellow Flag and the majority of the field come into pit lane, whilst the melee in pit road is going on Branch spins his car exiting his box.

Lap 48 sees us under green flag racing again as the pack starts to scrap for positions again with fresh tires. Blocker is in P36 as he tries to salvage something from this race, lap 50 passes by and the rate of the race is hotting up. Kraus has opened up a gap with ease out front over Newsome who has Benci half a second behind. Kraus is making the most of the clean air and getting into the groove. Van De Sandt is making good progress and has worked his way up to P6.

Pinheiroo is reeling in Maleczka and starting to apply the pressure, the Brazilian is a great driver but has had some bad luck in the races so far this season, it goes from bad to worse as he slams the back of Maleczka’s car causing chaos and Riggs gets caught up in it too as he had nowhere to go. Whilst we are under yellow, we see cars drop into the pit lane, but the pit exit is not officially open. The green flag gets underway on lap 74, and Harrington applies the pressure on Benci.

Lap 76 Top 10

  1. Kraus
  2. Newsome
  3. Benci
  4. Harrington
  5. Morgan
  6. Brant
  7. Otis
  8. Taylor
  9. Bomersbach
  10. O’Brien

We are starting to see Fowler enter the top 10, we know he is fast and working his way through the pack. Kraus continues to lead out front with a 1 second margin over Newsome who is 1.3 over Benci in third. The top 14 are covered by 10 seconds as they duke it out for positions and Rolph takes P10 from Fowler, Newsome comes into pit road on lap 100, she has had a solid drive so far, and Benci follows. Here we go the pit stop shuffle goes into full effect as many come into pit road. Drivers who boxed earlier remain out on track as they try to stretch the strategy.

It’s 40 to go and the engineers will be working overtime for the strategies, Riggs is out front, net race leader Kraus is in P12 with Newsome, Benci, Harrington and Morgan behind.  Here we go, some of the drivers that boxed earlier and stayed out are now coming in with 27 to go. After a great race thus far Van De Sandt gets a wheel on the grass as he enters pit road spinning the car around, how much will that cost him? After the pit stop shuffle up, Kraus is back in his rightful P1 spot on the leaderboard.

22 To Go Top 10

  1. Kraus
  2. Newsome
  3. Benci
  4. Harrington
  5. Morgan
  6. Taylor
  7. Brant
  8. Otis
  9. O’Brien
  10. Bomersbach

We are now entering the last 20 laps, Kraus has commanded this race so far to perfection, he has a 3 second lead over Newsome who has a 2 second lead over Benci in third. Kraus just needs to keep it clean and bring it home. O’Brien and Brant duel for P8, O’Brien makes it stick and gets the job done. Riggs on fresher tires is looking at making positions up fast as he is on much fresher tires and passes O’Brien and Otis with ease, how far can he move up the leaderboard, Riggs up to P7 as he builds up momentum with 6 to go. If he keeps this up, he could be in the top 5, a great closing session from him.

Lionheart Indycar Series

Victory In The Nashville 200

After a dominant performance, Philip Kraus makes it 4 in a row by winning the Next Level Racing Nashville 200 and his fifth victory thus far of the season. Speaking in HyperX victory lane, Kraus goes on to mention ” It was pretty straight forward for me in this race, maintaining the gap and fuel”.


ROUND 6 – Nashville Super Speedway Top 10







Laps Led




1#19-PRIVATE LABEL Team Hype
 Philip Kraus
(+1) Start on overall pole
(+1) Led a lap
(+1) 0 or less Incidents
2#53-Factory Backed Motorsports
 Alexis Newsome
(+1) 0 or less Incidents
3#29-Team RaceVerse
 Caleb Benci
(+1) 0 or less Incidents
4#44-PRIVATE LABEL Team Hype
 Connor Harrington
(+1) 0 or less Incidents
5#24-GRAAFix LPM
 Aaron Morgan
(+1) 0 or less Incidents
6#8-Mad Werx Motorsports
 Matt Taylor
(+1) Led a lap
(+1) 0 or less Incidents
7#09-Ascari Autosport
 Mitchell Riggs
(+1) Led a lap
8#45-Mad Werx Motorsports
 Michael A O’Brien
(+1) Led a lap
(+1) 0 or less Incidents
9#95-Synergy Motorsports Silver
 Ryan Otis
(+1) 0 or less Incidents
10#63-Alkentech NHR
 Andrew Marquez
(+1) 0 or less Incidents





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