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Asetek SimSports The Precision Of The Brake Pedal

Asetek SimSports The Precision Of The Brake Pedal

The Asetek SimSports brake pedal is a piece of precision that can help improve your lap times and racecraft.

We continue with our advertorial coverage of Asetek SimSports, the brand has received great praises within the sim racing genre. In this article, we shall be highlighting how a short and hard brake pedal can improve your lap times and why it will make you faster, and also how Asetek SimSports creates its own designs through motorsport knowledge.

Many think that you need a fast car to be fast in any sim racing title, personally, I believe you can be fast with any vehicle, providing you know how to race it. I and many people I speak with identify how a hard and short brake pedal has always been of value to make lots of gains. Asetek SimSports believe in this methodology with their Invicta and Forte racing pedals, not only for sim racing, but this mindset is also used with their real world motorsport races.

Our previous article highlighted the history, values and direction of Asetek SimSports that prides itself on performance, precision and passion. Moving on, we now venture to a more direct and focused look at how a short and hard brake pedal can have a dramatic and positive effect on your racing.

The Invicta and Forte pedals are a solid, well engineered, reliable product that oozes quality. These focused pedals have been made with racing being the forefront of their purpose and how they replicate the real world actions needed to be used in a race car or your favourite sim racing title.

The stage 2 system of the Invicta hydraulic brake is the key area of focus and how it can be a game changer for your racing. Many brands use a spring system for their sim racing pedals, but not Asetek SimSports, if you are going to replicate the “real world”, then that is what they must do.

CEO And Founder Of Asetek André Eriksen Gives A Full On Expalnation

The design and quality of the Asetek SimSports pedals are very unique, when we look at these pedals, Asetek wants you to understand that their products are of the highest quality, with great reliability and the knowledge of real world motorsport has gone into the creation of these pedals.

We admire people who are not shy about creating their own path to their dreams and ambitions and sharing it with others, that is why we like Asetek. We admire how open they are about their products and how they challenge others in a fierce marketplace.

CEO And Founder Of Asetek André Eriksen Merges Motorsport With Sim Racing

Asetek SimSports knows what it takes to make great products and they will not stop, nor sway to be like others. When we look at the designs of other pedals, we can clearly see that Asetek does not follow the trend of others, they lead with their own innovative designs and knowledge of real world motorsport. Every single piece of the Invicta and Forte pedals has been carefully thought out to ensure they replicate as much of a real world race car as possible when it comes to pedals. We are not talking software programs to give a faux feeling, we are talking raw hardware and design that ticks so many boxes.

The design of the first prototype pedals from Asetek shows how it was leading the way on what really matters for a set of pedals. André Eriksen has a great way of looking at existing products and determining its faults, issues, and why they will never make a product like that. Asetek does not do half measures, it wants its customers and potential buyers to know that their product is the choice that only matters.

André Eriksen Explains The Differences With Other Pedals 

To read about the history, values, and vision of Asetek click here: Asetek SimSports History, Values, Vision and Team

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