eTeamBRIT Weekly Update And Sim Racing Results

eTeamBRIT Weekly Update And Sim Racing Results

We get an update from our sim racing partner eTeamBRIT and the sim racing results of the past week.

We are pleased to have eTeamBRIT here at simrace247, as a sim racing media partner, we will be covering events, updates and much more. We have our good friend Yvonne Houffelaar as the team manager at eTeamBRIT. Here we have the results and overview of the past week.

eTeamBRIT had some good races in Gran Turismo Sport (GTS), you can read all about it in the race recap #2.

Esport Italia Women’s GT
On Saturday 23-04-2022, was the final round of the ESport Italia Women’s GT. Our driversSophie Aeronwen, Yvonne Houffelaar, and Cass Corby, were driving this championship. The final round was 40 minutes at Monza. The championship standings were very close, and we could end up with 2 eTeamBRIT drivers on the championship podium. The qualifying went well, with Yvonne in second place, Sophie P4, and Cass P7. Unfortunately, the first corner was a little mistake by the top 4, who overshot the corner, Sophie could take the lead. Yvonne had a very difficult race, tried to make up for the mistake in the 2nd lap, just touched the gravel, got a bit stuck, and lost a lot of time. Cass was driving a very good race, her pace is getting better, and her hard work is paying off! Sophie had a good pace, tried to stay around P3, P4, and Yvonne at P5. Unfortunately, the little plan didn’t work out.

Yvonne passed Christina, but was stuck behind Ely. Sophie crashed the second last lap, and lost 3 positions. The plan was to get Sophie in between Yvonne, and Christina, which means a championship podium for the both of us. This didn’t work out, Yvonne finished P3 in the race, Christina P4, Sophie P5, and Cass P6. This means that Luana wins the championship, Christina 2nd, Sophie 3rd (with 1 point behind Christina), Yvonne 4th (1 point behind Sophie). Cass finished 6th in the championship, which is a very good result, and she surprised herself with it! Congratulations ladies, well done, and keep it up!!


Race Asylum GT4 Team Tourer
On Sunday 24-04-2022, was the Race Asylum GT4 Team Tourer, round 3 at Interlagos. This series consists of three short sprint races with each driver having to run the mediums for at least one race. Race 1 Qualifying wasn’t the best for both eTeamBRIT teams and they packed out the midfield with 6 cars entered into this series, the race panned out similar to qualifying with sophie just about hanging on to the leading trio finishing 4th, Yvonne had an excellent result on the mediums finishing 8th, 9th was JDP completing the eTeamBRIT main team. Arden was the leading academy driver finishing 10th, Dom right behind in 11th with Caz finishing 14th. This race set the tone for the upcoming races with lots of contact and aggressive driving from the midfield would make it difficult to break away from the pack. Race 2 started with a reverse grid from the previous races results which allowed the eTeamBRIT drivers to make the most of their starting positions. Once again the racing was fierce and lots of position changes made the race very interesting.

Yvonne capitalized on having much grippier tyres now and scored yet another podium, Sophie finished a distant 4th but would have been much closer if not for an early race incident with the eventual race winner. Best of the academy drivers was Arden finishing 6th, with Dom also on the academy team finishing 10th, both JDP and Caz finished 13th and 14th respectively after struggling with some of the aggressive driving mid-race. Race 3 starting grid is based on previous race results so that meant that Yvonne and Sophie were in an excellent position to start. Yvonne managed to hold her own and hang onto the leading pair finishing 3rd yet again while Sophie struggled with the lack of grip from the medium tyres and finished 8th, JDP brought home the remaining eTeamBRIT car in 9th after having much better pace and showing great improvement. eTeamBRIT academy had their leading car driven by Dom finish 7th with Arden finishing 12th and unfortunately Caz suffered a power cut so ended up disconnecting from the servers and receiving a DNF. Next round will be at Monza without the first chicane,
so it will be high speed and teamwork that will be key in this race for a good result. Fingers crossed eTeamBRIT has enough speed to match those very fast Bugatti’s.

Grandpa Goes Gaming Red Bull X-Series
Wednesday 27-04-2022 it was time for the crazy Red Bull cars on the Nordschleife of all places. Let’s start with the fastest and craziest of the Red Bull cars, the Standard. This car Sophie was driving. Due to the interesting regulations and the fact she hasn’t done many races she started on pole and had no tyre restrictions for the race. With the race start being on the back straight of the GP circuit there was a long build up to the actual start. Trying to make the most of pole position she tried to get the jump on the rest of the cars in class, it worked for a little while but soon on the Nordschleife the leading pair quickly passed as they were on a different strategy. Due to being the only driver on controller and on a different strategy she couldn’t keep pace with the leading pair but had a race long battle with McFlurryTwist for the final podium spot with the positions changing at every pitstop. Sophie finally had her way in the last 15 minutes and took 3rd place for the final time managing to hold on until the end. Well done Sophie!!. Caz was in the Red Bull Competition, it has more power than the standard but a lot less grip as it lacks the rear blown diffuser so achieving the same corner speeds as the standard is just impossible.

She drove a very steady race and tried to keep the car out of trouble, with only a few spins she still managed to hold on to P3 in Class, an excellent result for Caz who is still learning, well done!!. Finally we have the Red Bull Juniors or “baby ed Bull’s” as they’re affectionately known. Yvonne is in the Juniors and has been doing pretty well this season despite missing the opening few rounds, because of this she had tyre restrictions and decided to start on the soft’s rather than the super softs that a driver would normally run. Before the race she decided she would be fuel saving and starting on the harder tyres meant she could run deep into the race and kept her in contact with the leading drivers in her class. A race long battle for the podium with Zafra and Denzzz was made possible due to looking after the car and tyres, only pitting once. Making full use of this strategy she ran in P2 for a lot of the race but eventually just missing out and finishing P3, still an excellent result around a difficult track with much faster cars flying by, well done!! The next round of the Red Bull X-series will be in 4 weeks time at the infamous Le Mans
circuit. Hope to see you there.


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