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Esports & Sim Racing A Future Of Prosperity

Esports & Sim Racing A Future Of Prosperity

The popularity of Sim racing and Esports has secured a great future for itself ensuring it will always be here to stay.

Esports a few years ago was something that many people did not know of, however, sim racing was one of those genres that has received great worldwide recognition that has secured itself for a prosperous future.

Over the past few years sim racing has grown to massive heights of popularity, along with that, we have seen the incredible growth of Esports and how sim racing has been a massive contributor to it. Huge cash prizes for teams and drivers have been on the line as they battle it out for the bragging rights and title of the greatest.

Esports is about competing on the highest levels that give worldwide recognition to those that participate. Not only that, we have seen professional Esports drivers and racers move on to bigger things in the motorsport world.

cem bölükbaşı

Turkish racer Cem Bolukbasi had made the transition from the virtual Esports world to professional motorsport racing in Formula 2. The popularity of motorsport racing has fuelled the growth of Esports around the world.

Sponsorships are a massive income revenue for many Esports sim racers, these can range from team sponsorships to products associated with brands. Just like in the motorsport world, this can include the likes of many things such as clothing, energy drinks etc etc.

As we have seen in the sim racing genre, events and races have been put on by a whole host of professional leagues that have had huge viewings. To give people an indication of how popular these events are, the 2021 sim racing F1 Pro Esports series had a staggering 23 million views across all of its platforms.

The future of Esports and sim racing is secure, ensuring the continuation of this ever popular genre as it is continuously supported by motorsport teams and its affiliations, this is big business. It is not just about Formula 1, any class of racing in sim racing can have big prizes on the line, the current World Of Outlaws series in iRacing has a purse of $25,000.

The digital age has provided huge opportunities for Esports and sim racing, it has never been easier than it is now to get involved with casual racing and take it to new heights of professionalism.

Head of BMW Sim Racing Rudolf Dittrich goes on to mention ” We identified sim racing as an exciting field of activity for us early on and established it as a permanent pillar in our motorsport programme”. Statements like that boost the dreams of many in the sim racing genre to achieve their goals of racing in motorsport.




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