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Hello one and all. Welcome to my sixteenth blog of 2022 for I hope that everyone is feeling very well? This past week has been more chilled and laid back compared to the previous week. There weren’t any competitive events in Assetto Corsa Competizione to worry about. But that didn’t mean to say that the streams I broadcasted live weren’t enjoyable or exciting. Because it was a very enjoyable one.

Within a short space of time, I’ve somehow been able to amass 52 followers now on my Sim Racing Twitch channel which I’m absolutely amazed by everyone who’s been kind enough to follow me on the platform. I must be 100% completely honest, when I started this new venture, my confidence wasn’t very high at all. I didn’t have the belief in myself because of having to start from zero all over again. But I’m very thankful to all you good folks who’ve joined me so far for the start of this new adventure onto Twitch. Thank you everyone!

I originally intended to stream 4 times in the past week but unfortunately, I’ve fallen a little behind on some of the tasks I needed to undertake as well as preparing for 2 races that I have lined up for this week. So, let me talk you through all of the streams that I was able to broadcast during this past week.

Monday 25th April – What If Multi-Multiclass Racing Competed Here? Series 2 Episode 1 at Jerez

After the success and popularity with my subscribers of season 1 when I used to stream the series on Youtube, it was time for the return of “What If Multi-Multiclass Racing Competed Here?”. For series 2, I’ve decided to venture down the single seater route instead of Sportscars with Formula 1, F2 and F3. So basically, the pinnacle of Motorsport and the junior categories, all in the same race at the same time! The cars which I’ll be using for the 11 episodes that make up this series are all by Race Sim Studio with the Formula Hybrid X 2022 Evo, the Formula RSS 2 V6 and the Formula RSS 3 V6

For episode 1, I decided to tackle the circuit of Jerez which was last used for Formula One in the controversial championship title decider in 1997 between Michael Schumacher & Jacque Villeneuve. In modern times, the venue is associated with motorbikes as the host of the Moto GP Spanish Grand Prix. It’s quite a demanding racetrack and narrow all throughout. So, it was very intriguing to see how different formula’s of single seaters would cope around such a small venue. In this particular experiment, I piloted the RSS Formula Hybrid X 2022 EVO, or the F1 machine painted in George Russel’s livery.

For the most part, it was great. The circuit had enough width to cope with lapping the slower traffic. Although, I never had the opportunity to overtake any of my F1 competitors. I’m not making racing driver excuses, but I’m not normally used to driving single seater cars. And it showed during the stream with many, many spins, and incidents. But, I found out that afterwards my setup was a bit…..rubbish. Which was why I ended up rotating so many times during the experiment.

I still had enormous fun and after spending much time understanding and creating a more decent setup for the F1 car, hopefully the rest of the series will go much more accordingly and smoothly. We’ll find out soon whether the work was all worth it as the second episode will be around the circuit of Magny Cours in France.

If you want to rewatch the first episode, here’s a link of the stream:


Wednesday 27th April – Pedal To The Metal: Ayrton Senna Special

As I explained in my previous blog, Wednesday’s stream was originally intended to be in ACC with some random public lobby racing in various machines other than my beloved Aston Martin V8 Vantage GT3. However, I had a sudden change of heart. Because of how frantic things have been on my end, I almost forgot about a certain event that occurred at the end of last week.

Sunday 1st May marked the 28th anniversary since the passing of who is arguably, the greatest racing driver ever to have lived. 3 times Formula One World Champion, Ayrton Senna. So, to celebrate his life and achievements in F1, I hosted the latest edition of my “Pedal To The Metal” specials. During this stream, which lasted nearly 4 hours, I piloted 9 of Senna’s cars, from his first, the 1984 Toleman TG184, to his final car, the 1994 Williams FW16, around various tracks including Monaco, Jerez, Suzuka and Imola, for the viewers to guess how quickly I could drive each car around every venue during the stream.

This was an awesome stream to do, and it was an absolute pleasure to host for everyone who tuned in and participated in our fun little game. In the end, the winner of the contest was Todd Stimpson who gained 4 points whilst other shared the rest.

If you’re an Ayrton Senna fan, here is the stream if you folks would like to rewatch. I hope you will enjoy this one as much as I did hosting it for everyone.


Thursday 21st April – Mastercup Rally Series Event 4 at Argentina.

The final stream of the week was the Mastercup rally series. This time, the brutal competition was contested on the twisty, narrow and tight stages of Argentina. It might be the slowest rally, but that doesn’t mean that not much physical effort is required. Because, this rally has the reputation for being the most demanding in terms of drivers fitness. I should know! Because I was sweating bucket loads by the end of this event. Ha Ha!

The cars which was selected for this fourth event were the FWD R2 machines which include the Ford Fiesta, Opel Adam and Peugeot 208. Normally, front wheel drive isn’t my preferred powertrain of choice, but I was very interested to find out how I would stack up against the rest of the opposition in the series.

Apart from stage 6 where I lost over a minute due to having a puncture and using the “recover vehicle” option twice, the rest of the rally went plain sailing. I was very surprised that I was able to set a few fastest stage times (at the time of writing this blog). It very demanding physically. I highly doubt that I’ll win or achieve when the aliens participate and put their times down as I lost so much time on the sixth stage, but I really enjoyed the event.


What’s happening this week on the Twitch channel?

Let’s talk you through all of the content that I have lined up for this week as I go live once more on my Twitch channel.

Monday will see the second episode of my “What If Multi-Multiclass Racing Competed Here? series. This time, we’ll be trailing out a venue which, for the vast majority of us, should return to the F1 calendar as the host of the French Grand Prix instead of the universally hated Paul Ricard. For the newer F1 fans, the circuit in question is Magny Cours. So, we’ll be investigating to see whether the track is ideal for F1, F2 & F3 in the same race.

On Wednesday, we have the second round of the Rapid Drivers Club 2point4 World Tour championship from the circuit of Kyalami in South Africa. After claiming third place in the opening round of the championship, can I repeat this or achieve an even stronger result? I would hope so, but Kyalami isn’t normally one of my strongest circuits. But, I’m determined to keep giving it everything I have, and we’ll see what happens in the upcoming event.

As part of the rallying theme that I have on my channel every Thursday, I’ll be taking part in my latest community rally around the hot, rough and dusty stages of Greece in the slowest category of vehicles available in DiRT Rally 2.0. After narrowly missing out last time in rally Germany, am I able to shake my bad luck off and produce a win in this difficult event? Let’s hope so!

Finally, on Sunday, I’ll be taking on a 2 hour endurance race around the circuit of Misano in Assetto Corsa Competizione. However, it won’t be in my favoured choice with the Aston Martin. Instead, I will be driving one of the latest edition to the game that was featured in the most recent Challengers DLC pack. The Audi R8 LMS EVO 2. So, can I tame the machine and race for 2 hours? And can I produce a great result? It’ll be a challenge but one I’m more than willing to tackle.

If you want to, please be sure to follow me on Twitch for my live streams as well as subscribe to my Youtube channel for future video projects. You can also join our DiRT Rally 2.0 club for fun, monthly rally events and see how you fair against other members of the community.

That’s about wraps things up for this week’s blog. Thank you so much for taking the time to read. Take care, stay safe & happy sim racing!!