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Lionheart IndyCar Series iRacing SimRace247 Silverstone Report

Lionheart IndyCar Series iRacing SimRace247 Silverstone Report

The 2022 Lionheart IndyCar Series in iRacing continues as round 5 visits Silverstone for another top class race.

The Lionheart Indycar Series recently visited Silverstone in iRacing, as round 5 of the series was ready for action, the SimRace247 Grand Prix of Silverstone presented by Moza Racing was all ready.

Written by Darren B of

As always a quick fire qualifying session is underway first where the top 5 on the grid are highlighted.

Top 5 On The Grid

  1. #19 Kraus: 1.39.016
  2. #44 Harrington: +0.210
  3. #24 Morgan: +0.213
  4. #91 Maleckza: +0.368
  5. #1 Blocker: +0.371

Another solid grid as 37 drivers take to the track and we are ready to go, the rolling start formation is all set and we are green light racing with 34 laps ahead. T1 sees cars getting caught up and going off track, Blocker spins out coming onto the Wellington straight, its all happening in the first 30 seconds. Meanwhile, P.Kraus is out front and set a good pace from the get go, what an opening lap. Harrington loses all grip exiting Maggots and Becketts as he goes off track and rejoins. Maleczka moves up to third and this race is frantic wherever you look. Maleczka goes for the lead and makes it stick, wow what an opening 2 laps, lap 1 was dramatic, lap 2 keeps the trend going.

Race Start Recap

Getting back to the T1 incident on the opening lap, Rolph and Fowler collect each other. A few corners later on Lap 1 Calisto spins out in the track with Graaf taking evasive action. Blocker gets caught up with Morgan that involved his spinout on the Wellington Straight.

Back To The Race

Lap 4 sees Maleczka still out front with P.Kraus tailing 0.6 behind who has a comfortable lead over Van De Sandt in 3rd two and a half seconds behind. Now we have settled done after the fury of the opening laps, wow that was crazy, service resumes. Taylor and O’Brien are having a great battle for P6 as O’Brien piles on the pressure and makes a great pass. Harrington is in the mix and rubs salt in the wound of Taylor as he moves up to P7. We see with a few cars, they are struggling to maintain grip, this could have been a result of those furious opening laps which could have worn the tires severely, like we know Silverstone can punish the tires.

Lionheart IndyCar Series iRacing


Blocker receives a drive through penalty for the contact with Morgan on the opening lap. Kraus is keeping Maleczka within range and matching him for pace as they extend their gap over Van de Sandt in P3. Kraus goes for the move at Brooklands, Maleczka defends hard but Kraus makes it stick around the outside, great driving from them both.  With clean air ahead, Kraus has got the hammer down and bridges the gap over P2, Pinheiroo in P4 is having a great race with Otis behind keeping him in his sights. Blocker has Morgan up ahead who is in P24 as they size eachother up on track and recover from the incident earlier.

Lap 10 Top 10

  1. P.Kraus
  2. Maleczka
  3. Van De Sandt
  4. Pinheiroo
  5. Otis
  6. Harrington
  7. O’Brien
  8. Taylor
  9. Rasimas
  10. Kinsella

Kraus is commanding the lead out front as we start to near the pitstop window opening soon. The battle for P4 is really starting to hot up with Pinheiroo and Otis, Taylor is reeling in O’Brien as P7 will be up for grabs, plenty going on. 4.2 seconds is the gap Kraus has over Maleczka as the P2 driver pits in on lap 12 with Otis also in. Blocker goes for the lunge on Morgan and makes contact, that’s one for the race stewards to resolve if there is any issue at all. I personally from a nonofficial pov, its a cars worth of gap, you go for it, and the angle may have been questionable, but that’s racing. By the end of lap 12 groups of cars enter pit road for their scheduled stops.

Lionheart IndyCar Series iRacing

Kraus stays out and has a 6 second gap over P2 driver Van De Sandt, as the leaderboard shuffles up, these are interesting times for those who have stayed out and have maintained a good first stint. this is a masterclass drive from Kraus as he enters the pits at the end of lap 13 who is followed in by a lot of drivers. Kraus exits the pits and maintains the lead. Harrington shows some great defensive driving on cold tires as Otis tries to pass. Taylor pinches the pocket of O’Brien as he has the slightest of lockups and gets passed.

Lap 15 Top 10

  1. Kraus
  2. Maleczka
  3. Van De Sandt
  4. Pinheiroo
  5. Harrington
  6. Otis
  7. Taylor
  8. O’Brien
  9. Rasimas
  10. Kinsella

After the dust has settled with everyone doing their pitstops, we get a good indication of how the first 15 lap s have been, Harrington has made a good recovery from his early on of track incident with could tires at the start and Kraus continues to enjoy clean air up front. Pinheiroo is having a better race with Van De Sandt holding a solid P3 and catching Maleczka ahead who is half a second up the road.

Taylor and Otis have engaged as they show no ground or opportunity as Taylor strikes on the fresher tires. Pinheiroo will need to start looking in the mirrors as they will soon be full of Harrington. Kinsella applies the pressure on Rasimas as the battle for P9 is on. Kinsella continues to apply the pressure, but Rasimas is wise to it, great driving. Whilst that was going on Van de sandt has worked his way up to P2. Kraus is in another postcode up front, 6 seconds is the gap, and his pace is electric. Lap 19 sees Harrington on the tail pipes of Pinheiroo, with Taylor ready to pounce on any mistakes. Pinheiroo is inch perfect under pressure from Harrington, Harrington has done really well to catch up to Pinheiroo up to this point, but catching is one thing, passing is another.

Lionheart IndyCar Series iRacing

Drivers start to enter the pits at the end of lap 23, Maleczka and Taylor are the first of the top 10 to come in. The end of lap 24 sees Pinheiroo, Otis, and Kinsella in as he is under pressure from Calisto and Benci, Calisto comes out ahead of Kinsella. we see other drivers coming in at the end of lap 25, Kraus, Van de Sandt and Harrington stay out until the end of lap 26. Pinheiroo was setting some great lap times and remains ahead of Harrington with a 3.5 second lead for P4, if anything he has put himself in the hunt for P3 with Maleczka one second up the road. The Brazilian driver was having such a great race with fantastic pace, the slightest of lockups has undone all the hard work and dropped him down to P7.

Benci sends a sweet move around the outside of Kinsella for P11, Brant who was flying on fresh tires almost plunges into the back of Kinsella, i do not think there was daylight between the two cars, that was so close, Brant takes evasive action millimeters away from Kinsella and loses control.

5 To Go Top 10

  1. Kraus
  2. Van De Sandt
  3. Maleczka
  4. Harrington
  5. Taylor
  6. Otis
  7. Pinheiroo
  8. Rasimas
  9. O’Brien
  10. Calisto

As we enter the closing stages with 5 to go, Harrington is piling on the pressure for the final step of the podium, it has been a great drive from him so far. He sends a sweet move on Maleczka and gets his P3 position.

Victory In The SimRace247 Grand Prix of Silverstone

After a clinical drive that sends shockwaves to the opposition, Philip Kraus has won the SimRace247 Grand Prix of Silverstone. Speaking in HyperX victory lane, Kraus goes on to mention ” It was another race that went perfectly for me,  the tire falloff was a concern but it worked out well for me”. Another great race by Kraus as he was in cruise control out front and makes it three wins in a row.

Lionheart IndyCar Series iRacing

ROUND 5 – Silverstone Circuit







Laps Led




1#19-PRIVATE LABEL Team Hype
 Philip Kraus
(+1) Start on overall pole
(+1) Led a lap
2#96-Powerslide Adrenaline
 Alexander van de Sandt
3#44-PRIVATE LABEL Team Hype
 Connor Harrington
4#91-Powerslide Ignition
 Robert Maleczka III
(+1) Led a lap
5#8-Mad Werx Motorsports
 Matt Taylor
6#95-Synergy Motorsports Silver
 Ryan Otis
 Adriano Pinheiroo
8#68-Thumbs Up, Cancer Down LPM
 Mike Rasimas
9#45-Mad Werx Motorsports
 Michael A O’Brien
10#97-Synergy Motorsports Silver
 Lionel Calisto
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