Its almost time for the Alpine Esports Series to get underway, the series has a whole host of great drivers and prizes.

The Alpine Esports Series is almost ready for its 2022 season green light. Starting on April 28th, 30 of the best drivers will take to the track in Assetto Corsa Competizione.

Alpine Esports is excited to present the 30 fastest drivers who will be competing in the Alpine Esports Series powered by Binance which will officially kick off on the 28th of April. In collaboration with sim racing partner Race Clutch, the Alpine Esports Series Qualifiers took place over two weeks and saw 3,054 drivers sign up to showcase their speed and agility in Assetto Corsa Competizione.

UK sim racing driver George Boothby came out on top with a 1:41:230 lap time and took home the title of the fastest in-game qualifier lap and $1,500 ALPINE Tokens. The second and third drivers were hot on George’s tail with Italian driver Michele Nerbi setting a lap time of 1:41:265 and fellow Brit Luke Whitehead coming in at 1:41:415.

 The full list of qualified drivers:  

  1. George Boothby
  2. Michele Nerbi
  3. Luke Whitehead
  4. Victor Nicolae
  5. James Baldwin
  6. Manuel Rodríguez
  7. Gaël VALERO
  8. Andrea Miatto
  9. Amos Laurito
  10. Lucas Müller
  11. Michał Nowakowski
  12. Marko Pejic
  13. Fabrizio Donoso
  14. Dávid Kalocsai
  15. Fabien Jeanblanc
  16. Artur Czarnecki
  17. Théo Rochelle
  18. Mathias Kuhn
  19. Leon Hoppe
  20. Johan Bergera
  21. Leonardo Pagano
  22. Calandrino Fabio
  23. Francesco Trancanelli
  24. Carlo D’Elia
  25. Michael Romagnoli
  26. Davide Arduini
  27. Rémy cresp
  28. Samuele Spoto
  29. Dorsch William
  30. Mariusz Tworzydło

The qualified drivers will now head to the Alpine Esports Series Championship, which will see six races divided into three rounds from April to June. Drivers will take part in a sprint race to determine track position before heading to the main race. The point system will be as follows:

Championship Points:

Sprint race:

  • 1st – 10pts
  • 2nd – 8pts
  • 3rd – 6pts
  • 4th – 5pts
  • 5th – 4pts
  • 6th – 3pts
  • 7th – 2pts
  • 8th – 1pts

Main race:

  • 1st – 25pts
  • 2nd – 18pts
  • 3rd – 15pts
  • 4th – 12pts
  • 5th – 10pts
  • 6th – 8pts
  • 7th – 6pts
  • 8th – 4pts
  • 9th – 2pts
  • 10th – 1pts

Round 1 will take place on April 28th at the Circuit de Catalunya track, with Round 2 following on May 12th at the Paul Richard track and then concluding with Round 3 on June 23rd. Viewers of the Alpine Esports Series Championship will get the opportunity to vote on the Round 3 track during the Round 2 broadcast.

Throughout the competition, there will be a wide range of prizes on offer including Alpine Fan Tokens, an Alpine GT4 track day experience, a TRX simulator rig from Trak Racer and a BenQ Mobiuz EX3410R curved monitor. Players will be rewarded for both their final finishing position as well as the fastest lap.

The championship will be broadcasted on Alpine Twitch and Youtube channels as well as on Binance Live.

Follow the Alpine Esports Series on Twitter and Instagram.

Full Prize Breakdown:

Binance Prize Money ($90,000):

  • 1st Place (Champion of the Alpine Esports Series) : $40,000 ALPINE Token
  • 2nd Place : $25,000 ALPINE Token
  • 3rd Place : $12,000 ALPINE Token
  • 4th Place : $5,000 ALPINE Token
  • 5th Place : $2,500 ALPINE Token
  • 6th Place : $1,000 ALPINE Token
  • 7th Place : $700 ALPINE Token
  • 8th Place : $500 ALPINE Token
  • 9th Place : $200 ALPINE Token
  • 10th Place : $100 ALPINE Token
  • Binance Fastest Lap Award in Championship : $1,500 ALPINE Token
  • Fastest in-game Qualifier Lap : $1,500 ALPINE Token

Other Binance Prize Money ($10,000):

  • $6,000 (= 1,000 x 6) ALPINE Tokens for new Binance users who scan the QR code in Alpine Esports Series Live streams
  • $4,000 ALPINE Tokens prize pool for those who collect all 5 POAP NFTs (NFTs offered for fans during the live stream)

Other Prizes:

  • 1st Place (Champion of the Alpine Esports Series) :
    • Alpine A110 GT4 track day experience
    • Philips Hue lights bundle
    • Freem Alpine Esports shoes
    • Freem Alpine Esports gloves
    • Correction Lenses offered by Shamir
  • 2nd Place
    • Trak Racer TRX frame only
    • Philips Hue lights bundle
    • Freem Alpine Esports gloves
  • 3rd Place 
    • BenQ Monitor (EX3410R)
    • Philips Hue lights bundle
    • Freem Alpine Esports gloves
  • Top 5 
    • Opportunity to join Shamir’s Esports R&D Team and be provided with cutting edge esports glasses technology for testing purposes

Phillips Hue Light bundle contains:

  • 1 Lightstrip
  • 2 Lightstrip extension
  • 2 Hue Play
  • 1 Philips Hue Bridge