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Lionheart Speedway Series iRacing Atlanta Report

Lionheart Speedway Series iRacing Atlanta Report

The 2022 Lionheart Speedway Series in iRacing continues as round 5 visits Atlanta Motor Speedway.

The Lionheart Speedway Series recently visited Atlanta Motor Speedway in iRacing, as round 5 of the series was ready for action for the GSI Atlanta 200.

Written by Darren B of

As usual, the quickfire qualifying session was underway and we have the top 5 on the grid of 37 entries.

Top 5 On The Grid

  1. #99 Goodman: 24.737
  2. #00 Rigney: +0.009
  3. #3 Wagner: +0.011
  4. #11 Hassert: +0.029
  5. #9 Oster: +0.033

Here we go, a brilliant sight of 37 cars lined up behind the pace car as the rolling formation is underway, we are moments from full gas, and a lot of noise. A clean start on the opening lap by everyone as the cars build up speed and find the grip. Goodman is still in first as Wagner pushes his way up to P2, Oster also gains a position and we are starting to see cars racing two wide. As we all know, the dominant line whether it be the outer or inner switch up through the race. Oster slides back to P6 as Taylor starts to join the party.

Goodman continues to lead the field as lap 15 clicks by, Reiman is working his way through the field and sits in P13. Team simrace247 driver Nunez has made good progress and has worked his way up to P16. The elbows are out for some drivers as we start to see contact from drivers down in the pack. Taylor and Hassert are sizing each other up for P4 as they get a little bit close. Taylor gets the message and moves up to P3 as he passes Rigney, Hassert applies the pressure on Rigney and lines up a move,  but Fowler pinches his pocket and passes Hassert.

Fowler is keeping that momentum going as he passes Rigney for P4, who is fighting hard to keep his position, Goodman is still out front with Wagner and Taylor charging. Wagner, Taylor and Fowler are opening a gap up to Rigney in P4 as the trio are very close to each other. Taylor and Fowler pass Wagner, as they start to close in on Goodman out front. Fowler is looking feisty, he has the pace for sure.

Goodman pulls into pit road with the scheduled pit window open as he drops down to pit road at the end of lap 41, the other front runners remain out on track. Lap 43 brings out the yellow flag, Nunez and Wood made contact before entering the pit lane in the final turn, Wood was 2 tenths behind Nunez out on track and they collide before coming down pit road, Hardin also good caught up in it. A big majority of the field enters pit road as the yellow flag is out. The green flag waves again as we are back to racing for the start of lap 48, Taylor is out front as Fowler is glued to the back of him with Wagner in P3.

Top 10 At Lap 55

  1. Taylor
  2. Fowler
  3. Wagner
  4. Hassert
  5. Rigney
  6. Forsythe
  7. Malone
  8. Oster
  9. Degroot
  10. Reiman

As the train of cars circles the track, we are in that phase of keeping everything in motion, no one is making crazy moves and starting to suss each other out. Malone keeps it swift as he passes Forsythe and Rigney and sits in P5, nice moves. Oster and Degroot sees an opportunity and passes Forsythe, but this could be the fuel saving phase for forsythe, we know he is very good at tactics.

Lap 84 And Its A Big Crash

Hawkins kisses the wall, sending his car across the track and collecting Watson, carnage as the cars spin and go into the air, not only that, whilst the cars are on pit road we see the car of Dupree facing the other way on the grass, it’s all happening. Meanwhile, Taylor remains ahead of fowler as they leave pit road. The start of lap 89 gets us underway again as racing resumes. Fowler is all over the back of Taylor’s car, Oster puts a move on Rigney for P6 but Rigney fights back and Degroot gets involved, Forsythe is also in the mix.

Lap 95 Yellow Flag

The race for Dupree is over as his car is seen stricken at T1, Herrick and Godsoe were also caught up in the incident. Dupree turns in at T1 and collects Herrick with Godsoe having nowhere to go, that was a high speed crash where all involved slammed into the wall hard. Lap 100 gets the race going again, Wagner is out front as Taylor and fowler boxed under yellow.

  1. Wagner
  2. Oster
  3. Degroot
  4. Branch
  5. Showen
  6. Wood
  7. Musselman
  8. Reiman
  9. Taylor
  10. Fowler

This is the phase of the race when the elbows start to come out, Fowler as we have seen so many times never gives up, he is putting some impressive passes and defensive driving on a show for many. He goes 3 wide with Taylor and Branch, and tags Wood, its tight, can you believe it. Wood and Fowler are out! Yellow flag, as we start to see some cars come into the pits. Lap 114 gets the green flag out, Oster goes for the move on Wagner with Degroot sniffing out an opportunity. Wagner is putting his car in all the right places on the track as he defends his lead. Oster goes for the move again, Wagner holds station out front.

Musselman moves up to P4, Taylor gets the move on him with fresher tires, but Musselman fights back.  Degroot moves up to second as we enter the 10 to go marker. Forsythe moves up to P5, make that p4, Forsythe is always in the mix of the closing phases. Taylor moves up to second, here comes the charge for the lead, as we know Wagner is very good at defensive driving.

Victory At The GSI Atlanta 200

After an impressive drive with defensive and calculated driving, Matt Wagner wins the GSI Atlanta 200.

ROUND 5  Atlanta Motor Speedway








Laps Led




1#3-Dark Horse Racing
 Matt Wagner
(+1) Led a lap
(+1) 0 or less Incidents
2#8-Team RaceVerse Sunset
 Matt Taylor
(+1) Led a lap
(+1) 0 or less Incidents
3#89-Factory Backed Motorsports
 Nick DeGroot
(+1) 0 or less Incidents
4#72-4D Sim Racing
 Craig Forsythe
(+1) 0 or less Incidents
5#31-Powerslide Motorsports
 Tony Showen
6#54-Factory Backed Motorsports
 AJ Mussleman
(+1) 0 or less Incidents
 Trevor Malone
(+1) 0 or less Incidents
8#28-Powerslide Motorsports
 Joe Branch
(+1) 0 or less Incidents
9#21-Synergy Motorsports
 Ron Hacker
(+1) 0 or less Incidents
10#23-Synergy Motorsports
 Dean Moll
(+1) 0 or less Incidents
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