MNRL 2022 Datsun US Touring Championship rFactor 2 19/04/22


Come and check out the MNRL 2022 Datsun US Touring Championship in rFactor 2. Mount Tremblant is next up on 19/04/22.

The MNRL 2022 Datsun US Touring Championship in rFactor 2 continues, and Mount Tremblant takes center stage for these great cars and series. Featuring the Datsun 510, this series will surely be a closely fought contest.

The little 510 Datsuns are an incredible Japanese tourer that tore it up through the late 60’s and 70’s (and beyond). Versitle, compact and relatively low powered, this little people mover is absolutely a driver’s car and meant for tight and twisty circuits.

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