eTeamBRIT Weekly Update And Sim Racing Results


eTeamBRIT Weekly Update And Sim Racing Results

We get an update from our sim racing partner eTeamBRIT and the sim racing results of the past week.

We are pleased to have eTeamBRIT here at simrace247, as a sim racing media partner, we will be covering events, updates and much more. We have our good friend Yvonne Houffelaar as the team manager at eTeamBRIT. Here we have the results and overview of the past week.

eTeamBRIT had a busy calendar last week, and here are the race results, and recaps.

VCO ERL Spring Cup
The third round of the VCO ERL Spring Cup was on Wednesday 06-04-2022. This round was on iRacing, with the V8 Supercar Holden at Brands Hatch. The drivers, Martin Buchan, Bradley Brockies, and Yvonne Houffelaar, were ready to give it they’re all in the races. The level of competition was very high, and our goal was to make it to the semi-final. Unfortunately, we didn´t make the semi-final round, the competition was too high, and especially Yvonne had trouble getting up to speed.

The drivers were not allowed to drive with ABS or TC, which made it very difficult to drive. The main goal was to stay out of trouble and try to gain some places that way. We did, only it was not enough. Yvonne said after the race; “It’s a very difficult car to drive, where I had trouble gaining time and staying on track. Martin and Bradley were quick and more competitive than I was. I’m proud of them, and all the drivers who drove in the VCO ERL Spring Cup!” There was a good interview, during the broadcast, you can watch it back here.

One-off event
On Friday 08-04-2022, eTeamBRIT and SimSport Solutions organized the first one-off event together! It was a good learning experience. There were 19 drivers participating, and it was a very interesting race. We had some settings wrong in the host, on iRacing. We didn’t know that it was going wrong until the race started. Every incident point, if it was an off track, or hit another driver, there was a drive-through, or stop and go penalty. We thought the limit was 30 incident points. When Yvonne knew how to clear all the penalties, she did that every lap. Unfortunately, it took some time to find that out. Luckily, most of the drivers kept going, and the organization, knew which settings to change for the next one-off event. The winner of the race is Bobby Trundley, the Team BRIT racing driver, after a fast qualifying lap, he had the pole position, and could drive away from the field!

In the second place, is Sara Dove, she drove a stunning race, joined during the qualifying, start from the back, could avoid penalties, and her pace was going quicker and quicker! The GTWR R8G Academy driver could gain time on Bobby, but it wasn’t enough to fight in the end. In third place, it was Patrick van den Berg, very good and consistent pace. He had a good fight with Sara Dove, and it was good to see him racing on iRacing again! Despite the host problems, this race was a success, there will come more one-off events, and there will come also an iRacing league, stay tuned for more information.

Esports Italia Women’s GT
On Saturday 09-04-2022, was the fifth round of the Esports Italia (ESI) Women’s GT, 40 minutes at Spa Francorchamps. The drivers were, Sophie Aeronwen, Yvonne Houffelaar, and Cass Corby. It was going to be a difficult race, because of other races Sophie and Yvonne couldn’t practice. Yvonne drove the pole position, with a stunning Bernadette lap. In Assetto Corsa Competizione (ACC), Yvonne always drives the Bentley, and she called her Bernadette.

The race was on GT Sport with the Lamborghini GT3, can’t compare it with ACC on PC. After a good start from Sophie, she took the lead. Yvonne drove the ACC lines, which give fast lap times, but also a crash in lap 6. She could drive back to P4, unfortunately, not enough for the podium, but an extra point for the pole position and fastest lap of the race. Cass has improved a lot in Gran Turismo since she is driving manual instead of automatic. Which is great to see, she finished P7, a very good result, with some good fights during the race! Sophie won the race, with very good and consistent driving, she had the victory lap in the end! Sophie is now second in the championship standings. The final round will be on Saturday 23-02-2022, 40 minutes at Monza.

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