Women In Sim Racing Eliza Indriani Blog #12

Women In Sim Racing Eliza Indriani Blog #12

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Hello, everyone! How’s it going? Welcome to my 12th blog on simrace247.com! How was your week so far? Hope you guys are healthy and safe.

This week I have so many races, and I was facing a challenge in my sim racing journey. There are some races that I am really looking forward to, and there are also some races that I wish I could avoid to be honest. But I want to improve my racing skills, so I have to step out of my comfort zone and face the challenge.

Pro League Racing British GT Multiclass R5 – Snetterton

I only raced once at this track. I can say I do not have much experience. This is a tricky track, I think most of the drivers on the grid feel the same as I do. We don’t have many championships or leagues at this track.

I raced here last month, so I know a bit of my weaknesses in some corners and where to improve. My qualifying was decent, I started at P13. I had a pretty smooth race, I even managed to be in P4 overall. I was pretty confident with my pace and consistency in this 45 minutes race.

There was 1 unfortunate event at the final lap, I got punted by another driver at T2. I was very upset, I thought my race was ruined and I won’t be able to get my position back because of that. Glad I made such a quick recovery from that, I finished P6 in class and P13 overall. It was a good race, I’m so proud of myself. I hope I’ll get faster next time I race at Snetterton. This is a fun track to drive.

You can rewatch the full race here 

FRL GT3 Championship S2 – Barcelona

What can I say about this track? I don’t know.  I’m not strong here, this is not my favorite track. It was hard for me to be fast and consistent. So the plan was to survive. I didn’t expect to have a cool battle with other drivers or so. I realized that I need to get experience racing at this track as much as I can so I will do better and better.

I started at P12 in class and P27 overall. I didn’t have a good pace during the qualifying. This track is very challenging, although I made a good setup for it.  I got into a big incident in T1 at the start of the race, I got sent to the back of the grid. It was frustrating not gonna lie, I couldn’t catch the car in front, the pace was not there and I wasn’t consistent in most corners.

I tried to do better and better each lap, and I did my own race without thinking about gaining position or so. When the race was about to end, there was an incident between 2 drivers during the race so I got free overtake, I overtook 2 cars at once.

I finished at P12 in class and P27 overall. I know I need to learn more about this track. I will register for any races that have Barcelona on the calendar, and I will practice harder. I would love to win a race here one day. Yep, that’s the target! Let’s practice harder!

AMA Season 4 R2 – Nurburgring

Sunday night race! I was so excited for the 2nd round of Alliant Motorsports America. We were racing at Nurburgring, and this was my first night race at this track. It was dark in some parts of the track, especially at the straight before the T1.  My viewers remind me that it will be tough the first 2 laps, and it was tough indeed. I got involved in a big crash in T1, I kept my distance and I was fully aware of my surroundings, but still, I didn’t survive the lap 1 crash.

Luckily I was still able to continue my race after what happened, and I could avoid another crash at Mercedes Arena. I thought I survived the madness, as we approached the T1 I got punted from the one behind me. I believe he misjudged his move and hit me. It was an unexpected and unfortunate event for me. I thought I had to pit right after that. I didn’t get too much damage, I still can continue my race until the pit window opens.

I was consistent throughout the race, I made 0 mistakes. I started at P23 and finished P15. I was afraid of the night race at first, but it turned out I enjoyed it so much. I am really looking forward to doing another night race for sure.

You can rewatch the full race here 

Pro League Racing World Tour R6 – Monza

We’re back to the most famous track in ACC. In the 6th round of the Pro League Racing World Tour we had a wet race at Monza. I drove the BMW M4, it’s a stable car and easy to handle in the rain.  Lap 1 was totally crazy. It was raining so hard that you couldn’t see anything. There was a big crash before the T1, I was involved in it. I literally didn’t see anything and it’s already too late for me to avoid the crash. I didn’t get much damage from the incident, I can continue my race.

And there was another big crash in Lesmo 2, BIG ONE! The car was broken, and my steering wasn’t even straight. I had to pit immediately so I drove slowly to the pit. I can’t just hit the ESC button and return to the garage, I will get a penalty for that and the race will be over for me.

After fixing the car and doing my mandatory pitstop, I tried my best to push and hoped that I could gain some position. I was consistent during the race, my plan was to survive this race without thinking about overtaking or having some cool battle with others. My main priority was to survive the race and collect some points in this championship.

I started at P12 in class (P29 overall) and finished at P4 in class and P12 overall. This is the most memorable race for me, I didn’t expect to gain so much in this 1 hour race, especially after the big crash on lap 1.

You can rewatch the full race here 

So that’s it for this week’s blog, thank you so much for spending time reading my blog, Im really proud of myself this week, there are ups and downs of course. But I’m glad I didn’t give up and always try to do my best in every race.  I have an upcoming exciting race next week, make sure to tune in to my stream on Twitch. Here’s my schedule :

  • 14/4 Silverstone
  • 15/4 Laguna Seca
  • 20/4 Nurburgring

You can follow Elz on these socials and streams: 

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