MasterCup Rally In Dirt Rally 2.0 Pedal To The Metal


The MasterCup Rally community in Dirt Rally 2.0 is one of the most challenging events, time to bring your “A” game!

We have been a long term supporter of the MasterCup Rally here at simrace247, this Dirt Rally 2.0 community is fully committed to being one of the most hardcore rally communities out there.

Since the launch of the MasterCup Rally, we’ve seen major driver rivalry in this year’s championships. Now with the new cars and locations added to this year’s race we’ve seen the rivalry’s just growing more intense. With that event, 3’s final standings reflected that, as we’ve seen new drivers joining in the series. Bringing new rivals and friendships within the MCR, as 19 drivers competed. Like with all events this was brutal competition as 9 drivers ended with terminal damage.

With the launch of Event 4, we now find ourselves in the mountains of Argentina behind the wheel of the R2 class. Good luck to all our old and new MCR drivers can’t wait to see where you end up in the overall standings.
For those who wish to join the MasterCup Rally year long championship, the link is below. Also once you’ve joined the championship, feel free to join us on Discord where you’d get to meet members and much more.