Women In Sim Racing Yvonne Houffelaar Blog #58


Women in sim racing here at simrace247 continues with our weekly blog from Yvonne Houffelaar. Lets catch up with her for blog #58.

Women in sim racing continues with our resident female sim racing blogger Yvonne Houffelaar. This week in blog #58 we catch up with her sim racing events and more.

Welcome to my fifty-eighth weekly blog !!

Race Asylum GT4 Team Tourer
On Sunday 03-04-2022, was the last race of season1, from the Race Asylum GT4 Team tourer. I drove together with Sophie Aeronwen, and André. The final race was at Big Willow. Every race one of the team members needs to use the hard tire, which was difficult to drive, or at least for me it was difficult. The first race, I drove with the Super Soft tire, I had some decent pace. If i didn’t make my mistake, I could reach the podium. I made a little mistake, after I got a bump on the rear in the last corner, I hit the sand, and crashed almost into the pitlane. Luckily I could go back on track, but couldn’t recover from this anymore, I finished P5. The second race, I drove on the hard tire. I started P5, and I knew I would lose some positions. I tried to hold the car on track, but some bumps made it very difficult. I finished P10, and that was second from all the drivers with the hard tire.

The third race, I was on the super soft again, with a reversed grid start. Everyone was driving very aggressively, and I needed to drive that too. Not my driving style, but I lost too many places. I helped Sophie to get on the podium, unfortunately, because of a penalty, she didn’t make it on the podium. I ran out of time, and couldn’t come further than P5. After post race penalties, I finished on P3 the last race! Some decent results, in high level racing. Season 2 of the Race Asylum GT4 Team Tourer, is starting on Sunday 10-04-2022. I drive together with Sophie Aeronwen and John Pearson (JDP Gaming), for eTeamBRIT. I’m looking forward to driving with Sophie and John!

Race replays:

GGG Formula-G
On Monday 04-04-2022, it was time for round 3, of the GrandPa Goes Racing (GGG) Formula-G. The car is the Honda SF-19, a very nice and difficult car to drive. Race 3 was in the wet, at Tokyo Expressway – East Inner Loop. I had the lead in the championship, although it was going to be tough, I had never driven in the rain before in Gran Turismo Sport (GTS). It was a challenge, some new drivers were in this championship, some of my teammates from eTeamBRIT, there was no time for a little briefing, what the race plan was.

The race is all about fuel saving, a 40 minutes race, without refueling. I was stuck in the pack, my teammates didn’t understand that we needed to help each other, and my KERS didn’t work (which made it very difficult, on the very long straight). That’s the reason why the pack everytime caught me up, and I lost too much time, being overtaken on the straight. Luckily, I still finished P3, but I lost the lead in the championship. I came too short, with a few thousands on the line, for P2.

Race replay: Formula G

VCO ERL Spring Cup
On Wednesday 06-04-2022, was round 3 of the VCO ERL Spring Cup, on iRacing. The level was very high, with Sophie’s wheel on a dinner table, and a garden chair was very difficult. We tried to set up her pedals, especially the brake as best as we could. The public vote was between Brands Hatch and Sonoma, luckily Brands Hatch won. I don’t have Sonoma, and I don’t know the track. The car was the V8 Supercar Holden, a very difficult car to drive, because we couldn’t use TC or ABS. I practiced as much as I could, but kept dying with the braking.

I tried to drive very carefully, which didn’t give me the required pace during the race. Unfortunately, eTeamBRIT couldn’t qualify for the semi finals. Me and my teammates Martin Buchan and Bradley Brockies, gave it all. My stream was very bad, I got very stressed about the race, and couldn’t read the streamchat well on my phone, because I had only one screen. This now is all solved, we bought a laptop, and I can use it to stream from. Which means I have two screens again and I have more time to pay attention to the stream!

VCO interview: 

Fewer sim races
Next week, there will be less sim races and streams, this has a reason. The 11th of April, I’m finally back on track!! My first track day in 11 years! I’m going to drive on Silverstone, with Team BRIT, in the BMW 118i. It’s not only driving, I’m going to do a lot of media stuff for the new project Disabled Sim Racer to Disabled Track Racer (DSR2DTR)! You can follow a lot on my socials, and discord channel!! I will be busy afterwards with all the video and pictures material, to edit, etc. I’m really excited about it, and looking forward to this amazing project and opportunity!!

Upcoming races:
09-04-2022: RCI World Tour, 8 hours at Laguna Seca
09-04-2022: eSport Italia Round 5, 40 minutes at Spa Francorchamps
10-04-2022: Race Asylum GT4 Team Tourer round 1, 3 races at Nürburgring
11-04-2022: Team BRIT Track Day at Silverstone

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