Women In Sim Racing Eliza Indriani Blog #11

Women In Sim Racing Eliza Indriani Blog #11

We catch up with Eliza Indriani and her women in sim racing blogs. She is a great person to check out in the sim racing community. Be sure to support and follow!

We have been enjoying the support and the reading of Eliza Indriani and her women in sim racing blogs. As many will know, we support many in the sim racing genre. We are ALL here for the same thing, the love for sim racing.

Hello guys, how’s it going? Can’t believe it’s April already! The spring has sprung, hope you guys are doing well and healthy. Right now I’m having an allergic reaction, it always happens to me during the springtime. But it doesn’t stop me from racing.

This week’s races have been fun! I was racing in Silverstone, Imola, and Paul Ricard (ugh). What do you guys think about Paul Ricard? That is one of the toughest tracks for me in ACC. But I must say Paul Ricard is a pretty fun track, tho. Alright with no further due let’s get into it!

Pro League Racing British GT Multiclass R4 – Silverstone

Although I was on a break, I can’t live my day without doing any race. For real! That’s why I decided to get into this race anyway. With no practice whatsoever, I get on the server and just do qualifying and race. I didn’t expect any wins or some cool moves, I just want to do my own race and have a good time at the track. Racing is what makes me feel happy.

I placed at P14 overall, and had a pretty strong start. I remembered I had a good battle for positin with the Aston Martin behind me. He was a strong and consistent driver. I can say I had a good time racing with him.

During the race, I kept my consistency on my lap time and I avoided any mistakes and incidents. I finished at P14 overall, basically, I defended my position. It was a good and unexpected race for me, I gained back my confidence in racing. I’m looking forward to the next race!

You can rewatch my race here 

AMA Season 4 R1 – Imola

The first round of Alliant Motorsports America Season 4, we were racing at Imola. I was so excited to get into this race. Racing with the all new drivers on the grid. Too bad I had some trouble with my internet so I couldn’t stream the race.

Qualifying was decent, I know that I haven’t made any improvement on my driving at this track. The race itself was tough. I did pretty great at the start of the race, avoided any incidents in the first lap, and I tried to defend my position but I got spun after passing the Acque Minerali. That is one of the tricky parts of Imola for me. I got into some incidents, some of it were my fault, while others were pure incidents. It happens in every race, so I’ll take it. I got 40 seconds of damage, pretty bad. So I had to pit earlier to fix my car and do the pit later to fill my mandatory pit.

I thought it was a disadvantage for me to do 2 pit stops, I had to do it anyway because of the damage to the car. 1 was to repair the car and the other was for mandatory tyre change and refueling. I couldn’t keep driving and waited until the pit window was open. It was a 90 mins race, I still got some time to push and maybe luck will come my way. So after repairing the car, I just did my own race, let the lapping car pass and tried to be consistent. I went to the pit a bit later than the others, so I can buy some time to gain position.

My strategy worked, I finished at P17. Not a good one but not a bad result! I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to continue the race after the damage and those hard times in this 90 minute race. At the end of the race I was so proud of myself to finish this 90 minutes race and collect some points in this championship.

Pro League Racing World Tour R5 – Paul Ricard

In the 5th round of the Pro League Racing World Tour, we were racing at Paul Ricard. This track is very challenging for most of us. We all know what could possibly happen at Paul Ricard, right?  I wasn’t the fastest driver at this track, my average lap time was around 01:59 here. That put me in P26. I had a good start at the race.

I tried to keep focus on my race and tried to overtake when I had a chance. It was hard to beat the Lexus here. Lexus is crazy fast at the straight. I drove the BMW M4, not the top car here but it is very stable and safe. I managed to get into P15 before the pit. Which was great for me. I finished at P23. I will definitely work harder to get faster at Paul Ricard. I want to do better here, I want to beat my own best time. Hopefully next time I race at Paul Ricard I can go faster.

So that’s all about it for this week. I have exciting races coming up. This Saturday I will do a solo endurance at Spa, make sure to tune in to my stream!  Thank you for spending time reading my blog. See you guys next week, stay safe and healthy, okay? Have a great day!

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