Exclusive: eTeamBRIT Liveries Reveal Gran turismo 7


Exclusive: eTeamBRIT Liveries Reveal Gran turismo 7

Our great partners over at eTeamBRIT have given us exclusive access to the new liveries in Gran Turismo 7. Check them out!

Our partnership with eTeamBRIT has its first exclusive with the new liveries in Gran Turismo 7, the popular racing game and esports team has a lot to look forward to. We hope all the drivers at eTeamBRIT enjoy racing these cars and representing this great team.

eTeamBRIT official livery reveal

With a new media partnership with Simrace247, and a new game in Gran Turismo 7 (GT7), this means new liveries for eTeamBRIT!

Sophie Aeronwen is working hard on the official liveries from eTeamBRIT. A lot of work and precision has been done to make these liveries in GT7 possible, you need the correct colour codes and decals from the sponsors and brands. You can upload these onto the Gran Turismo website.

eTeamBRIT is the official eSports team from Team BRIT, we are racing with the same liveries as them, with only some different sponsors on the car. You can see the new livery, on the Aston Martin GT3 and GT4, McLaren GT3 and GT4, and the BMW GT3 and GT4! In the next couple of days/weeks, more liveries will follow!

Pictures by Yvonne Houffelaar

Do you want to drive our livery?

It’s now possible to drive with the new eTeamBRIT replicas with car number 68, you can drive in GT7! We will share the liveries publicly today, and I hope to see some more eTeamBRIT liveries on track! If you search for eTeamBRIT, you can see the liveries.

How to add the livery?

When you find the livery, you can add them to your collection. After you do that, you can go to; GT auto – livery editor – select the livery – apply the livery. We would like to see some pictures on social media, if you tag @simrace247 or @eTeamBRIT we will repost your tweet/Instagram message/Facebook posts!

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