Women In Sim Racing Eliza Indriani Blog #10

Women In Sim Racing Eliza Indriani Blog #10

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Hello everyone, welcome to my 10th weekly blog! Hope you are all doing well.

This month has been extremely busy for me, with plenty of races and a lot of work to do. I didn’t get a chance to slow down and enjoy life. Been doing Sim Racing competitively nonstop since August 2021 until today. I joined 5 championships so basically I race almost every day. Not gonna lie I’m feeling burnout lately. I couldn’t perform at my best, I have to put extra effort into my driving.

PLR British GT Multiclass R3 – Spa

Same as before, racing in Pro League Racing means we’ll be racing under extreme conditions. From dry to wet back to dry again. I started to get used to it. Which is good. In this round, we were racing in Spa Francorchamps, my favorite track in ACC. I was anxious for this race, racing in multi class race with extreme conditions in Spa can be a nightmare for all of us.

I did great in qualifying, I played it safe basically. Started from P14 overall and survived a few incidents during the race. It started to rain pretty early in the race. So we run with dry tires because we thought it was gonna be dry at first. Driving in Spa with cold tires means no grip. I spun when trying to pass Pouhon, and after that, I drove to the pit immediately to change my tires.

I drove with wet tires most of the time. I played it safe, not planning to overtake or battle (only when I got a chance). I did pretty well throughout the race, didn’t cause any collision with another car, and slowly made it to P12.

The rain stopped after a while, I raced in dry condition with wet tires. This was the first time I saw my tires red all around in the race. I was afraid something bad would happen like I was gonna throw my race because I didn’t pit. I chose not to pit because I heard it was gonna rain again in 10 minutes or so. Spa has the longest pit lane and I don’t want to waste my time on the pit. I’m glad my viewers helped me with my race and they kept me calm. I enjoyed this race so much.

When the race is about to end (when it was only 5 minutes left to be exact), I spun in raidilon and hit the car that was stopping on the side. My car was broken, can’t even drive back to pit so I had to use RTG options. I know it was not allowed technically, but nothing I can do at that time. My controller was locked for 4 minutes, and the race is about to be over soon. The race was over for me. Hard luck.

Check out the race right here

FRL GT3 Championship S2 – Zolder

In the 3rd round of the FRL GT3 Championship, we were racing in Zolder. I don’t know what’s gonna happen racing in Zolder with 35 cars on the grid. I think this track is too small for that, I expect so much chaos in here. But Zolder is a fun track, I like it, plus I had a good setup for this race so I keep my head up and get into the race.

This race was already bad for me since the Qualifying. The screen was frozen and it was hard to keep my focus during the Quali. Probably a bug, I wasn’t sure. I couldn’t go any faster so I had to start from P32.

I had a pretty good start, I avoided the incidents, I could defend my position. I managed to get into P20, what an achievement! I didn’t expect that in this race. Too bad I spun on Lucien Bianchibocht, got hit by another car (not their fault I believe), I still can drive a bit but I lost control through the Kleine Chicane, hit the wall and got suspension and aero damage. The damage was pretty bad so I had to pit and repair the car and do the mandatory pit. I made a mistake on the pit, I passed my pit crew and I drove backwards. I got disqualified and the race was over for me. It was a rookie mistake and I had to accept that.

Although the race was over, I decided to keep on doing my stream, I did a practice session in Monza, and one of my viewers decided to join. Oh, and I did some hot lap to get my LFM license as well. It was fun! I didn’t do much of a chill stream, probably this was the first time. I only stream my race in the championship. Doing a chill stream is so fun and relaxing. I got a chance to communicate more with my viewers, maybe I’ll do that more often in the future. There’s a rainbow after the rain, although my race was bad that day, I still had fun and enjoyed racing.

Sunday chill with my friends

On Sunday I was watching F1 with my Indonesian friends. And we did a little run in at Bathrust, Spa, and Monza after. We were just driving slow and had a chat, it was nice catching up with my old friends. Now that I live in the States, I didn’t catch up much with them due to time differences and such.  It made me realize that Sim Racing is not just about doing it competitively; you can drive slow, enjoy the view, chat with your friends, share some tips and car setup.

I must admit that I’m so tired of racing competitively and chasing some wins, I need to slow down and relax more. Having friends in the community is something that I appreciate the most.
We took some cool pictures as well! Check it out!

So that’s all about it. Maybe I will take a short break from Sim Racing to refresh my mind. I’m not gonna force myself to race, I don’t want to get burnout and end up hating this. I will come back stronger.

Meanwhile, feel free to follow me on social media. I would love to chat with you all during my break. See you on my next blog, stay safe, stay healthy.

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