CMS NARS Long Beach Double Header rFactor 2


Visiting the fantastic Long Beach circuit in rFactor 2, CMS NARS has a double header coming your way. Check it out!

CMS NARS visits Long Beach for a double header in rFactor 2, kicking off on 31/03/22 and the following race on 02/04/22. Be sure to check it out with the details below and visit the community!

Ah Long Beach, the street circuit that separates the opinions of many, for some its amazing, for others they fear it. For us here at simrace247, we love this circuit, the way it keeps you on your toes at every moment, even before you think about dueling with a rival on track. This is a place where you need to get into the groove fast or it will punish you with no remorse.

NARS Thursday and VWSC Saturday

The tour jumps back to the States for IMSA’s ever challenging street circuit.

Condensed-format endurance racing like none other that closely follows the IMSA and WEC calendar. Multi-class, Pro & Am, live weather, big grids and close competition regardless of skill level. The custom Hypercar and GT mod is meticulously developed in-house by Storm Gang Simulation: A modding team of real-life race drivers and racing engineers. The WSC 2022 mod consists of 14 GT’s and 11 Hypercars, most of which are created by the SGS team to make the biggest car pack ever released for rFactor 2. And all are Smart BoPed within the FIA/ACO/IMSA specs

You won’t find a more respectful and caring league of drivers from around the world. Clean and respectful racing is the norm with opportunities for driver development with some of the best in sim (and real life) race car drivers.

CMS showcases two separate championships for this mod: The North American Racing Series on Thursdays (9pm ET/2am GMT) or the Virtual World Sports Car Championship on Saturdays (2pm ET/7pm GMT).

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