eTeamBRIT Partners With Simrace247 As A Media Partner

We are extremely pleased to announce that simrace247 has partnered with eTeamBRIT as a media partner.

eTeamBRIT is a fantastic eSports team that has partnered with us here at simrace247 as a media partner. We look forward to writing about and publishing many things about the drivers, events and so much more.

We are simrace247 are very passionate about ensuring “sim racing is for everyone”, for us, it is everything we stand for. With the hard work we have put in, I Darren have always wanted that message to ring out loud to everyone and make people feel welcome to the sim racing community and genre of gaming that we hold so close to our hearts, we love racing and motorsport.

It is with great pleasure to announce that we will be a media partner for eTeamBRIT,  a great team of people that have disabled drivers compete in the virtual world of sim racing. Spearheading the team is someone simrace247 viewers will know very well, our resident blogger Yvonne Houffelaar is the team manager for eTeamBRIT, and to be honest, the team will be in great hands. Yvonne has always been a hard worker that delivers results and does not quit, I am super proud of her!

Picture Credit eTeamBRIT

Darren B simrace247 Editor In Chief – ” This media partnership with eTeamBRIT represents all the values that we believe in here at simrace247. We want everyone at eTeamBRIT to feel that they will be supported here at simrace247, we look forward to covering your events and so much more”.

Yvonne Houffelaar eTeamBRIT Team Manager –  I’m looking forward to working together, to create a great partnership between eTeamBRIT and, I can’t wait to see what we can achieve!! It’s a great opportunity for eTeamBRIT to grow, and I want to thank Darren ( for it!!

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