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Romain Grosjean Partners With Motorsport Games

Romain Grosjean Partners With Motorsport Games

I said a while back, Motorsport Games was going to be making moves, Romain Grosjean partners with them as a technical advisor.

Motorsport Games is that developer at the moment in the sim racing genre that is quietly going about its business and making big moves, Romain Grosjean joins them as a technical advisor.

Joining as a technical advisor, Grosjean will help iterate rFactor 2 and the company’s robust live esports events

MIAMI, FL –  Motorsport Games Inc. (NASDAQ: MSGM) (“Motorsport Games”), a leading racing game developer, publisher and esports ecosystem provider of official motorsport racing series throughout the world, announces today that current INDYCAR star and former Formula One driver Romain Grosjean has joined the company as an advisor on its games and esports events, with particular focus on the rFactor 2 simulation platform.

In his role as a technical esports advisor for Motorsport Games, Grosjean will bring all of his racing experience together – both real-life and sim – to help develop the company’s industry-leading rFactor 2 racing simulation. Throughout the year, Grosjean will participate in four technical test sessions for rFactor 2, allowing him to provide feedback and recommendations to implement to further enhance the platform. In addition to his help of iterating rFactor 2, Grosjean will also be available to advise on Motorsport Games’ catalogue of esports events, such as the hugely successful Le Mans Virtual Series and the brand new INDYCAR-Motorsport Games Pro Challenge. His deep knowledge of both will prove key in further expanding each offering, as Grosjean has participated in both real-life competitions during his career.

“The link between real-life racing and sim racing continues to get closer and it has become an increasingly important tool for companies, teams and championships throughout motorsport,” said Romain Grosjean. “I’m very happy to be taking on the role of technical advisor for Motorsport Games and can’t wait to help provide feedback on rFactor 2, a simulation that I frequently use. The company has shown through its esports events such as the Le Mans Virtual Series and the recent INDYCAR-Motorsport Games Pro Challenge that it is perfectly placed to provide top esports through its products and events.”

“While Romain’s experience and skill in real-world motorsport is very well known across the world, he has also shown in recent years that he has an in-depth knowledge and experience of esports and sim racing,” said Gérard Neveu, Motorsport Advisor for Motorsport Games. Therefore, he is a perfect fit for this new role as technical advisor to Motorsport Games and his vast experience will help us immensely as we      develop rFactor 2 and further expand our esports events. As he was recently voted the most popular driver on the entire INDYCAR grid through a Global INDYCAR Fan Survey conducted by Motorsport Games’ parent company, Motorsport Network, in conjunction with Nielsen and INDYCAR, we know our players will be thrilled to see Romain more closely involved with the development of both our simulation platform and events. With Romain, we will be able to take our Le Mans and INDYCAR esports events to the next level.”

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