Women In Sim Racing Eliza Indriani Blog #9


Women In Sim Racing Eliza Indriani Blog #9

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Hello everyone! Back with me ELZ, good to see you all. In this weekly blog I’m gonna share how my races went this week. So this week has been very challenging for me. I have a new setup to use for Sim Racing, still adapting to it. And also, this week’s races are the first time of everything. First time racing in Zandvoort and Suzuka.  Nervous yet excited to be able to race in new tracks.

FRL GT3 Championship R2 – Zandvoort

So, in the second round of the Formula Racing League GT3 Championship we were racing in Zandvoort. I don’t have much to say about this track. And the last time I raced here was 2 years ago. So, this felt like the first time racing on this track. Plus, now I have a new livery my friend made it for me. So I can’t wait to drive with my cool car

I was adapting to my new pedals, just made an upgrade to a load cell pedals. Braking feels different than before, I need to change the way I brake. With such a short time of practice, I decided to jump into the race anyway. I didn’t feel confident this round, I’m not fast enough but I take it as a challenge. I can’t give up just because I haven’t mastered this track. I’m about to push myself to the limit. Whatever the result is, I’ll take it as a lesson.

Women In Sim Racing Eliza Indriani

Race was tough from the start of qualifying. I got punted in Marlborobocht and lost time. As usual, there was chaos in the first lap. I got involved in it but it didn’t cost me much damage. I still can run a couple laps before I have to do the mandatory pit and repair some damage to the car.

This 45 mins race was tough, it was hard to race in Zandvoort with 40 drivers on the grid. I tried my best to survive the race. I started at P20 and finished at P17. That was the best I could do on this track. There is still a lot to learn in this track, I will take extra time to practice my pace and I hope I’ll do better next time I race in Zandvoort.

Pro League Racing World Tour R3 – Suzuka

I was so excited to get into this race. Suzuka is a tricky track, but it can be fun too. You have everything in this track; hairpin, S-curve, chicane,etc. I enjoy driving on this track.

Race started at 3 AM in game time. It was total fun, we don’t get much race at night/dawn so yeah, I can’t wait to rock this 75 mins race.

As usual, racing with Pro League Racing means we’ll be racing in dynamic weather. I learned from the previous race, I prepared my setup for it. Fuel, tires, everything. I got my pace for this round, and I finally got the feeling of braking with a load cell pedals.

Women In Sim Racing Eliza Indriani

I survived the lap 1 carnage, I avoided the incident in S-curve, it was a cool move. On lap 2 I was involved in an incident due to unsafe rejoin by another driver. I couldn’t avoid it because it was too close to me. My race has been over since then, but I refuse to give up. Although I had to pit for repair (got 01:12 of damage) I still drove and hoped I could gain position from there. But things are getting worse when the weather changes. I got slower and even got a DT penalty. Race was totally over for me.

I finished at P31, definitely not the result I wanted, not something I expected to happen in my race. Feels like my hope, hours of practice got ruined 5 mins after the race starts.

So yeah, That was my race this week. Not a good one, I hope luck is on my side next time. Thank you very much for spending time reading my blogpost. I will see you next week! Have a great day.

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