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Team Redline Dominate Zandvoort ERL rFactor 2 Presented By VCO

Team Redline ERL rFactor 2 VCO

Team Redline dominate round 2 at Zandvoort in the ERL on the rFactor 2 platform presented By VCO.

Is there ever a moment when Team Redline is not firing on all cylinders, round 2 of the ERL in rFactor 2 presented by VCO showed true domination from the team and drivers.

Munich – Having conceded defeat to Unicorns of Love two weeks previously in the Spring Cup season-opener in the Esports Racing League (ERL) by VCO, Team Redline underlined its supremacy with success in the second event at the virtual Circuit Zandvoort. In the finale, Kevin Siggy, Jeffrey Rietveld and Enzo Bonito prevailed in the Formula Pro car on the rFactor 2 sim platform, finishing ahead of Burst Esport in the finale. This marked the first occasion on which a crew was able to record a 2-0 score in the concluding races, thereby avoiding a decisive final duel. There was a total of 25 teams on the grid.

 The day started on the Zandvoort dune circuit with the usual three heats and the Second Chance Race to determine the 14 quarter-finalists. Six teams made it into the semi-final: Team Redline, Burst Esport, R8G Esports, Veloce Esports, Unicorns of Love and BS+COMPETITION. However, Redline and Burst Esports proved too strong for their four rivals, finishing well ahead in qualifying for the final races.

 Round 3 of the ERL Spring Cup takes place on 6th April. The teams will be getting down to business on the iRacing sim platform. Reactions from the winners: Kevin Siggy (Team Redline): “The first final race definitely went in terms of expectations. It was pre-planned that I let Jeffrey go as we had to figure out what we needed to do to keep the one-two position, and we made it stick. That’s how we were able to win. So it was intentional teamwork – teamwork is the only thing we need to have to win the race. For race two in the finale, we did not quite know what was going to happen. We just determined that I had to do a really go start and go into P4 to going to steal the deal. In the end it worked out for us, Enzo kept his lead. He was a little bit under pressure, I think, but he was doing very well. So it was a good second race.” Jeffrey Rietveld (Team Redline): “In race one of the final, the plan was to keep Kevin close within the DRS so Burst would not be able to attack and I think it paid off. He basically was like a wall behind me and as long as I keep him in the DRS we knew we could keep the one-two and we did. I think we have a super strong line-up. We knew for example for race two of the finale with the reverse grid that it would not be easy. First of all, Enzo had to grab P1 at the start and he did in a perfect way and as soon as Enzo was in the lead I had full confidence that he can stay in the lead. You need to trust your team-mates and just like Kevin said: there is zero ego involved in the team and I think that is really helping us in a good way.” Enzo Bonito (Team Redline): “There is nothing to hide; I’m really struggling here. It was the same last time even if this time I had a bit more time to prepare but what can I say, I have a great team and that’s why we won here. In race two of the finale, my start was really good and maybe the guys from behind were a little bit quicker than me but it’s really hard to pass here, so just driving clean, no mistakes, full focus on your own pace and just get the job done. That’s what we did and I am super happy for that. That’s also one more podium for the MVD and I was looking for that.”

Darren Buckner

Darren Buckner

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