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Billy Strange: RaceRoom DTM 2021 Review

Billy Strange gets to grips with the Raceroom DTM 2021 pack, sit back, grab a drink, this is going to be a good one, literally!

I not going to lie about it, RaceRoom is nailing it, it’s not perfect, but boy does it tick a lot of boxes and the DTM 2021 pack is something you are going to want. Now someone out there will shout out ” Darren it does not look as good as ACC or GT7″. Well, if you are interested in how a game looks, then maybe racing is not for you, or you like to hang out watching replays.

Ask any proper sim racing fan what really matters, and they will take gameplay over visuals any day. Getting back on the topic, our Author Billy Strange specs out the details on the Raceroom DTM 2021 DLC.  Check it out and support.

Raceroom Official

“The 2021 DTM season saw a radical change with the swap to GT3 machinery and the opportunity for legendary sportscar manufacturers to make their debut in the renowned series. Ferrari, McLaren and Porsche joined DTM legends BMW, Audi and Mercedes, and now you can relive one of the most exciting DTM seasons in recent history!”.

To purchase the DTM 2021 Pack visit: DTM 2021 – Store – RaceRoom Racing Experience

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