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Asetek SimSports History, Values, Vision and Team

Asetek SimSports History, Values, Vision and Team

Asetek SimSports burst onto the sim racing scene, but who are they, what are they about and what does the future hold?

We have seen the buzz around the sim racing community about Asetek SimSports, whilst we have seen many reviews, we at simrace247 have the privilege to work alongside the great people at Asetek SimSports and spread the word even more from an advertorial perspective. In this series of articles, simrace247 will cover many aspects of Asetek SimSports for the community to enjoy.

So who are Asetek?

Based in Aalborg Denmark, this company is no stranger to creating great products. Asetek has been known for many years for being in the PC market with liquid cooling parts for gaming PC’S but also providing liquid cooling for massive data centers around the globe.

Founder and CEO of Asetek, André Eriksen has always been a hard charger with not settling for second place in anything, he is a real go getter that wants the top spot. Driven by ambition and passion, André knows what he wants. You sense the desire and expectations from his personality, so pay attention. People who think with this kind of mentality are extremely clinical and need a team around them that must understand every thought process & ethics.

For those that need a touch of nostalgia and trivia, it was André that designed the Vapochill phase change CPU cooler back in the early 2000’s….this changed everything.

The Motto of Precision, Performance and Passion is something that is expected with everything that Asetek carries out, no stone must be left unturned, no corners cut, and believe in everything you do.

The SimSports Department Is born

As mentioned Asetek has a broad history of over 20 years specializing in mechanics, software and hardware. The desire to merge these skills of creating pushes the envelope even further and the dawn of the Asetek SimSports department is on the horizon. ” We are passionate about Mechatronics and making high performance, precision components that benefit gamers and enthusiasts around the World”.

The passion for racing simulators and its equipment sparked a lot of debate when those at Asetek found a lot of frustration with current peripherals and software that was currently available on the market from other brands. ” Their software wasn’t ideal and you always have to choose between performance and aesthetics”. So what does a great company like Asetek do? They do what they do best and put all of their knowledge and innovative expertise to work and start to create high quality parts that are reliable in all areas.


When you have the skills of technology, mechanicals, electronics and software, you amalgamate and get to work making something far greater than what others have to offer.  Asetek SimSports is born, why? “Because we can !”

We Do Motorsports & The Asetek eSports Academy

Remember what I said about Asetek CEO & Founder André on how driven he is? Well, the saga continues as he has been involved in motorsport for most of his life ranging from Motorcross, Karting, Pro Formula Master Series. Even his children raced go karts when they were younger, his son continued to race in Formula 4 & 3 when they moved back to Denmark. With the passion for motorsports and racing, André wanted to give more to others that enjoyed gaming and started the Asetek eSports Academy, this opened the doors to others that enjoyed gaming and sim racing with a variety of PC’S (Loaded with Asetek Cooling Of Course) that could compete and challenge themselves to become better.

Onto the Sim Racing Scene Interview with Will Ford AKA Boosted Media

Popular sim racing content creator and influencer Will Ford AKA Boosted Media, had the chance to have a video meeting with André discussing all the background history of Asetek, and how we get to where we are in the present day with the release of the Asetek Invicta Pedals.

As i mentioned before, i would like to thank those at Asetek SimSports for allowing simrace247 to cover more aspects about their brand, team and more for the future. These are exciting times not just for us here, but also to see a great brand like Asetek and the SimSports Divison prosper for the future, stay tuned.

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