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Hello ladies & gentlemen. I hope that you’re all doing very well at the start of a brand-new week. I welcome you to my eleventh SimRace247 blog of 2022.

If anyone knows me personally, one thing I’m always willing to do, is to be a genuine and honest person. So, I don’t honestly mind admitting that my confidence isn’t very high at this present time. After recovering from illness recently, I was very eager to get back into the content creating on Youtube, whether it’d be live streaming or recording & editing videos.

But I feel a bit disheartened. The reason for that is because two creations that I’ve released recently, I’ve put a lot of time & effort into the videos. But it feels like I’m getting very little reward from them, with very few people viewing them at all.

I’ll explain about those particular videos, as well as all of the other bits of activity I got up to during this past week.

Staring a new week, I released my first true sim racing video for a long time, with a mod for Assetto Corsa which I have been searching endlessly ever since I started my PC Sim Racing, content creating adventure 3 years ago. The 2017 Aston Martin V8 Vantage GTE.

If you haven’t watched the video yet, please be sure to go give it a view. You won’t believe just how incredible this car sounds with its V8 powerplant, as well as the fact the Aston drives so amazingly well. I’m also very proud of this video as I honestly feel that it’s amongst some of the best videos I’ve ever created for my channel. I hope you will enjoy this video as much as I have creating it.


Then on Wednesday, to celebrate the start of a brand-new Formula One World Championship season, I hosted a “Pedal To The Metal” special in Assetto Corsa around the circuit of Bahrain.

During this live stream, I drove an F1 machine from every decade of the sports history to see how quickly they could all lap the Bahrain International circuit. To give you an idea of what I did pilot during the stream, we had the Maserati 250F, Lotus Type 49, the RSS (Race Sim Studio) Formula 79 (Lotus Type 79 ground effect car), the VRC 1988 McLaren Honda MP4/4, the RSS Formula 1990 V12 (Ferrari 641), Ferrari F2004, RSS Formula 2013 V8 & finally, the RSS Formula Hybrid X 2022 EVO.

It was a very interesting test with a surprising victor. The Maserati 250F. I’m only joking! Ha Ha! It was the 2004 Ferrari F2004 which was the quickest F1 car around the circuit.

If you folks want to rewatch the stream, here’s the link for the “Pedal To The Metal – Formula One Bahrain GP Special”:


Thursday saw the fourth episode of my WRC 10 rally career. After my most recent triumph in the Ypres rally, I was thoroughly determined that myself & co-driver, Crystal Starr (one of my subscribers), was going to continue that winning form as we tackled the next event on the calendar.

That rally turned out to be the very rough and demanding stages of Greece. Such a unique rally but it’s thoroughly satisfying to get right. Certainly makes you sweat with all the physical effort involved.

I wasn’t able to complete the event during the stream. I still have 2 stages to go, but I will tackle those when I stream WRC 10 next time, which will be in April when I make the switch over to the Twitch platform. But so far, so good. We’re leading the rally. But can we stay there when we do tackle those final 2 stages? Only time will tell.


Finally, on Friday, I released my second video of this week. I wasn’t able to conduct one last experiment during the “Pedal To The Metal” stream due to time running out. I can remember the stream ended late here in the UK. So, what I decided to do was create this video in conjunction with the stream.

For this, I wanted to see what would happen if we placed Formula One machines from every decade of the sports history into the same race at the same time. This was certainly a fun one to create, so I hope you’ll enjoy the fun and carnage involved.


Let’s talk you through all the upcoming content I have line up for next week. Today, at 7pm GMT/8pm CET, I’ll be live streaming with the penultimate episode of the “What If Multi-Multiclass Racing Competed Here?” series around the circuit of Mosport.

For the first time in this series, I’ll be driving my beloved Aston Martin Vantage GTE with the URD AMR EGT mod. Mosport is a circuit I’ve only driven a couple of times when I used to play iRacing a couple of years ago. So, it’ll be intriguing to see how everything pans out around this Canadian racing venue.


Wednesday is normally reserved for the Assetto Corsa streams. However, this is an exception as to the change in the format. Because the 23rd sees the release of the new DLC for Assetto Corsa Competizione with the Challengers Pack. We have a potential of 5 new cars incoming which include the BMW M2 CS, Ferrari 488 Challenge, Porsche 992 GT3 Cup, Lamborghini Huracan Super Trofeo EVO & the Audi R8 GT3 EVO 2. We’ll be testing them in game to see how the new cars drive and whether the Challengers Pack is worth purchasing for the game.


Then on Thursday, after the disastrous attempt at the previous Mastercup rally, I’ll be attempting to make amends when I tackle the third event around the stages of Poland in the NR4 rally machines. Will it be third time lucky for us in this rally? Or will I crash and burn again? One hopes for the former, not the latter! Ha Ha!

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That’s about wraps things up for this week’s blog. Thank you so much for taking the time to read. Take care, stay safe & happy sim racing!!