Community Stream Of Sebring 12hrs iRacing 26/03/22


A group of sim racing friends will be having a blast on their upcoming stream of the 12hrs of Sebring in iRacing. Drop by, show support and enjoy.

We know great people are out there in the sim racing community, Scott Burkhart has featured here on simrace247 many times with his great sim racing guides and more, so when he asked me if I would promote a 12hrs Sebring event he was doing with friends in iRacing, I said “Sure”. That’s how we are at simrace247, we respect and stick with those we support for good causes.

Joining him on this adventure is PowerQ and Jacob Capello as teammates, you may have come across them on Youtube, but none the less here is a shoutout to them.

Scott goes on to mention ” It’s the first time the three of us are gonna race together, I crafted the setup and we trained over the last couple weeks to be ready, It’s PowerQ’s first endurance event but hopefully with the three of us that should make it go as smoothly as possible for him. Starting time is 12pm GMT streams are gonna start a little earlier for a proper introduction and such. Me and PowerQ are streaming the start of the race together and after that every driver will stream his stint. It’ll be streamed on each of our youtube channels and we’ll be sending viewers over from one channel to the next.

The Drivers

Stream sequence for the race

  • Race start to 4th hour end will be on Burkhart’s channel
  • 5th hour to the 8th will be on PowerQ channel
  • Jacob Capello will round out the race to the finish on his channel