Billy Strange: Gran Turismo 7 Review After Many Hours Of Play!


Ok, here we have a proper review video of Gran Turismo 7 from our Author here at simrace247, Billy Strange takes center stage, pay attention.

This is one of those times when I could not wait for Billy Strange to drop his review video on Gran Turismo 7, having great conversations with him about many things recently, GT7 got mentioned. In a sense of humor way, we could have spoken for many more hours about things.

Now this review has been made after many hours of gameplay, not like those who have played for single figure hours and then melt……this is a proper review with great assessment. Like I and Billy mentioned the other day, how can a review be done with a few hours of gameplay?

Billy Strange: Gran Turismo 7 Review After Many Hours Of Play!

Pictures by Billy Strange

Billy is a great guy that hits hard with opinions from his experienced perspective in racing and sim racing, if you want to know something, Billy is your guy. Why? well he just tells it like it is, if it’s good, so be it, if its a shi#box, so be it, you get the idea.

Anyway, back to the main topic and that is his thoughts and opinion on Gran Turismo 7. Lets get to it!

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