Women In Sim Racing Eliza Indriani Blog #8


Women In Sim Racing Eliza Indriani Blog #8

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Hello. It’s me again, ELZ. Good to see you!

Welcome to my 8th weekly blog. It’s been 2 months since the first time I wrote my first weekly blog for simrace247. To be honest, I have never written a blog before. But here I am, writing my 8th blog for you. Big thanks to Darren from simrace247 for giving me room to share what I’ve been through in my sim racing career, the ups and downs, and also giving me endless support to reach my goals in sim racing. And big thanks to all of you too who spent time reading and sharing my blog.

So this week is pretty much a hectic week full of races and work. Some work is done and I will reveal it soon. Stay tuned for my upcoming blog. Something big is coming. But for now, let’s talk about how my races have been this week.

Pro League Racing British GT Multiclass R1 – Donington

First round of British GT Multiclass, and first multi class race for me. I was so excited to get into this race, I wanted to race in Donington. Weather and lapping the GT4 car were the biggest challenge for me in this race. I had to pit twice to change my tires. The race started in dry condition, then the rain started pouring in the middle of the race, and we ended the race in dry condition. So it was like dry-wet-dry. To be honest, this was the first time I raced in such dynamic weather. I didn’t prepare any setup for that. I didn’t even know it was gonna rain! I was so panicked but I had to finish this race. So I did whatever I could to survive this race and maybe score some points in this championship.

Women In Sim Racing Eliza Indriani

The lights turned green, so I started from P27. Qualifying didn’t go really well for me, tyre pressure didn’t meet the criteria to drive in a damp track. It was my fault for not changing the tire. But things went pretty well for the race, I didn’t cause any trouble to other cars and even had a good battle side by side with one of the faster driver on the grid although it was hard for me to control the car, I didn’t feel confident racing in Donington under the rain simply because I never done that before.

I finished at P5 in class and P17 overall. It was totally unexpected! I’m glad I didn’t give up, another achievement unlocked! Now it’s my job to always prepare the setup for any conditions.

You can watch the full race here 

FRL Endurance R2 – Paul Ricard

First of all, this is not my favorite track. Hehe, I don’t think I have made any improvements since the first time I drove this track. It’s just so hard for me to score a good lap time, My best lap time is  1:58.300 while others can score 1:55 or even 1:54.  Knowing that I’m not fast enough to race here, I focused on training my consistency for this race, and made a setup that works well for me and my teammate. In this 3 hours race, we were planning to make 3 stops to refuel, change tires, and do the driver swap. We drove 1,5 hour each in total. My teammate J. Damstra did the qualifying and the first stint.

I found my consistency during my stint, I did pretty great! This race was much better than the first round we had at the Nurburgring. I asked for some tips and advice from my friends and people in the community about how to do an endurance race and I tried to follow their tips. I see much improvement in my driving in an endurance race. I was so happy and I’m ready to do a longer race.

Women In Sim Racing Eliza Indriani

Too bad our pit strategies weren’t that good, we needed to do 4 stops in total, we lost so much time and it was hard for me to fight for position on the last stint. We finished in P24, not the result I wanted but I’m happy to see our improvement and since we didn’t expect anything in this race, finishing this race with a consistent lap time is our reward.

I know there are still a lot of things to learn in sim racing. This race is a part of learning about how to race. I’m happy I got into this Endurance Championship, I learned a lot from this. Hopefully I can do even better next round. Next up is Spa, my favorite track! Can’t wait!

You can watch the full race here 

Pro League Racing World Tour 2022 Season 2 R2 – Imola

In the second round of the Pro League Racing World Tour we were racing in Imola, one of the most famous tracks in the world. This track is fun, I remember I did pretty good last time I raced here. But I didn’t know why I couldn’t go any faster in qualifying. I didn’t get the feeling of driving the M4 here. I lost my confidence at that time.

I couldn’t find my pace, although I survived the lap 1 carnage. The whole race was tough, it was one of the busiest races for me, full of defending and fighting for position, yellow flags everywhere. I was involved in some incidents that cost me 21 seconds of damage.

I should’ve gone back to the pit to repair my car. I kept on driving a broken car, I got slower and slower by the time, I couldn’t defend my position. I finished at P12 in class and P26 overall. That was the best I can do with 21 seconds of damage. That put me in #6 in standings. Hey, that’s not bad! Let’s hope I can flip it next round.

You can watch the full race here 

Thank you so much for always reading my blog. I hope my journey could inspire you and other players out there to get into sim racing and not give up on your dream. I’m so lucky to have you all on my journey. It’s a long ride, let’s enjoy it together shall we?

See you on my next blog, I have something big for you!Don’t miss my upcoming stream on my Twitch (www.twitch.tv/elzindriani) make sure to follow my twitch and my other socials to keep updated.

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