RFACTOR 2 CMS NARS SC2018x Championship Watkins Glen


RFACTOR 2 CMS NARS 2022 SC2018x Championship Watkins Glen

Come and join CMS and their 2018 Stock Car series championship in rFactor 2. Next up is Watkins Glen on 17/03/22.

Our good friends over at CMS are charging hard with the Stock Car 2018X series championship in rFactor 2, next up is the awesome Watkins Glen. Be sure to check it out, sign up or even join this great community.

The NARS series will be using the free S397 Stock Car 2018X mod, which was designed to simulate the Xfinity series and provide a first rate stock car racing experience.

NARS 2022 Virtual SC2018x Championship – Watkins Glen

The most famous and liked road course on the schedule, Watkins Glen provides a perfect blend of high speed and technical challenge to show how these stock cars can dance.

Spend time with one of the most open and accessible sim communities in the world for some great action in American time zones on Thursday nights at the North American Racing Series. As with all the CMS rF2 events, races will be broadcast live to the official CMS Youtube channel and you can get all the series details at the NARS webpage.

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