Jimmy Mansi oNiD Rookies Championship Report

Jimmy Mansi oNiD Rookies Championship

Our sponsored sim racing driver here at simrace247, Jimmy Mansi, has the full lowdown and report on the oNiD Rookies Championship in Assetto Corsa Competizione.

Jimmy Mansi has the full season round up of the oNiD Rookies Championship that was held in Assetto Corsa Competizione. With the support we like to show to newcomers and the grassroots level here at simrace247, we welcome these kinds of stories.

Hey all,

Haven’t dropped a blog/article in a while. Life has been busy and there’s been plenty going on within the sim racing world as well. I won’t bore you with my goings on but the sim racing stuff has certainly been exciting!

oNiD Rookies Championship Season One | Sponsored by sim-stuff.com

The dust has settled on oNiD’s first Rookies Season and it is safe to say it was nothing short of a success. I’m not just talking from the side of a Rookie Coach or an Admin for oNiD but from the feedback we have been given from drivers involved in the championship. From early on, the Discord channel was bouncing with conversation between the drivers, admins and coaches. The questions have come thick and fast and the support from oNiD to help introduce newcomers to ACC has been a pleasure to be a part of and also to sit back and watch.


What was brilliant to see, is that after a few rounds, rookie drivers were offering support to one another. Answering questions before coaches could even get back and that’s what setting this up was all about. Creating a place where newcomers and the less serious racers could feel comfortable to ask questions, confident enough to step up and answer/help others and all enjoy the practice, racing and company they are in.

To quickly bring you back up to speed after the previous blog regarding the Rookies Championship check the details below:

  • Drivers sign up
  • Complete evaluation races
  • Placed in Pro, Silver & AM splits for the season
  • 6 rounds offering different formats (2x30min races, 60min race, etc)
  • Live coaching sessions every Monday
  • Discord setup to support questions
  • Weekly track guides at upcoming races
  • Prize from sim-stuff for most laps completed in practice and race sessions

Firstly, I want to thank all those who participated in the championship, those who turned up for practice and those who made use of the coaches throughout the season. Without you, this would not have been possible or have been the success it was. As much hard work goes on behind the scenes at oNiD, to get these series up and running without committed drivers it simply would not work. I also want to heap praise on how all conducted themselves throughout the season. When there was the odd incident (of which there were very, very few) it was dealt with correctly, discussed between those involved and moved on from. The attitude and professionalism shown left us questioning if this was a rookie series at times. Add to that the quality of racing they brought to the oNiD streams which was confirmed in some of the highest viewing numbers (consistently we have seen on our Twitch channel.

On to the winners

  • Pro Split | R. Rivera
  • Silver Split | F. Ingheden
  • AM Split | J. Schaltin

Jimmy Mansi oNiD Rookies Championship

Everyone that participated did great but the three above, in their classes were the best of the best. Congratulations to you all for becoming champions within the first rookies season! We will now see Rivera move on from the Rookies Championship as he has easily established himself within the full GT3 Series on his pace, ability and race craft. Ingheden will now move up to the Pro Split and Schaltin Silver Split. Season Two of the Rookies Championship is not far away so keep an eye out on oNiD’s Twitter for more information and as ever, we welcome all applicants to sign up and come and race with us.

As the Rookies Championship is moving on to Season Two, it is also evolving in what it offers. We have more coaches coming this season (with fantastic experience), we will be offering more variation in races (including changeable conditions and longer formats) and more in depth track guides and obviously as the minds boggle, I’m sure more will come.

Included are some fantastic images which have been put together by oNiD’s very own ben22racing.com (check him out for some fantastic liveries) and as mentioned above, this season was sponsored by oNiD’s Adam Dee who runs sim-stuff.com (if you need a button box, he’s your man!)

Thanks as ever for taking the time to read, hopefully, we’ll see some of you in the Discord and joining us on track soon!

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Thanks for reading and check me out on @JimboMansi_46

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