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Lionheart Retro Series HyperX Miami 200 iRacing Race Report

Lionheart series hyperx iracing

The 2022 season opener for the Lionheart Retro Series in iRacing recently took place. Here we have the race report for the HyperX Miami 200.

The 2022 Lionheart Retro Series has seen its first race of the season in iRacing, these fantastic cars and drivers took to the grid for the HyperX Miami 200.

Written by Darren B of


A quick fire session was underway in the Lionheart Retro Series for the HyperX Miami 200, rounding out the top 5 of the grid as follows:

  1. #35 Jenkins: 28.084
  2. #2 Taylor: +0.003
  3. #53 Forsythe: +0.007
  4. #10 Rodriguez: +0.008
  5. #40 Herrick: +0.010

Race Start

As the pace car gets the field in order, Arjuna Kankipati and DJ Clark are in the Racespot TV booth as the droning sound of 38 classic Formula 1 Lotus 79 cars is ready to unleash its full power. Pace car rolls in and the roar of engines fills the air, Jenkins sets the tone for the opening lap with the entire field getting off to a great and clean start. Cars running 3 wide further down the field start to jostle for position at high speed. Taylor takes the lead on lap 2 with Jenkins hot on the tailpipes. O’ Brien was looking very good as he starts to cut his way through the pack up to P5. Taylor and Jenkins were switching position by lap 10 with the top 12 covered by 1 second. Fowler was looking strong with great defensive and positioning.

Throughout the field we had been seeing great battles going on with full respect, cars running 3 wide and the brief 4 wide really does show the class of drivers that Lionheart has. Lap by lap ticks by and the leaderboard is ticking up and down positions constantly.

Lap 25 rolls by and the drivers are keeping it clean, neat and fast. This is great stuff by everyone. Lionheart founder Jorge Anzaldo was climbing up the order and was sitting a respectable P9.

Lionheart series hyperx iracing

Top 10 Positioning at lap 25

  1. Taylor
  2. Jenkins
  3. Fowler
  4. Forsythe
  5. Lanini
  6. O’ Brien
  7. Graaf
  8. Rodriguez
  9. Anzaldo
  10. Snider

Yellow Flag Yellow flag Lap 29!

Carnage unfolded on lap 29 as multiple cars were involved in a big crash. Upon the restart, Taylor and Jenkins had bolted, bringing Forsythe with them. This was the biggest gap we had seen so far at the front of the field with Lanini in 4th and Anzaldo putting on the pressure in 5th. By lap 38 Jenkins takes the lead, with Anzaldo looking slick and climbing up to 3rd over Forsythe. Wardlow is bringing himself to the fight and moves up to 3rd.

By lap 50 a 14 car pack was in close contention with the front runners, #17 Mikes in P5 had a scary loose moment and somehow managed to hold it, to the relief of others around him. Lap 53 and Wardlow takes the lead and dicing with Taylor and Jenkins. It’s all getting a little bit close at the moment as the pack is in really close proximity, all it will take is a slight mistake and carnage will ensue.

Big Crash On Lap 57

Wardlow gets loose and there is no saving that one, a huge crash that tags into Anzaldo most of the cars behind somehow managed to thread their way through the incident. Team simrace247 driver Luis Gonzalez Nunez slowed for the incident, only to be taken out by Herrick who was unaware of the situation unfolding up ahead. The pace car was out with race commentator Arjuna mentioning 26 cars remained in the race. At the end of lap 61, the pace car pulled in and we were under green flag racing again with another yellow flag coming out moments after the restart with an incident further back in the pack.

Lap 67 And We Are Back Underway After Multiple Yellow Flags

Taylor and Fowler were running ahead upfront, the teammates were working together to create a gap of over a second back to P3. All was going well until the yellow flag came out on lap 84 as Young was tagged by Hotham, sending him loose and into the wall. With the pace car out, multiple drivers entered the pitlane for fuel and tires. By lap 88 the pace car peeled into the pitlane and we were under green flag racing again. Taylor, Fowler, Graaf and O’Brien were bunched up after the restart with Rasimas sitting in P5. The top 7 were covered by 1.3 seconds and pulling away from Ragan in P8.


Disaster For Fowler on lap 108

Front running driver Chris Fowler’s cars is seen stricken in the middle of the track bringing out the yellow flag. Replay footage shows Fowler’s car getting out of shape as he enters the banking and O’Brien in P2 was a whisker away from making contact with him. Under the yellow flag situation, drivers entered pit road for a splash and dash with 23 laps remaining. Green light and here we go, Ragan bolts away with Lanini, Snider, Taylor and the chasing pack hunting him down. The gloves are off at the front as Taylor gets tagged by Snider sending Taylor down to the apron, Snider must have a bit of damage from that. The top 7 are covered by 0.7 of a second with 16 to go, who wants it?

10 To Go And Its A Dogfight

With 10 laps to go, the top 8 of Lanini, Snider, Ragan, O’Brien, Rodriguez, Rasimas, Graaf and Hardin were covered by 0.8 of a second, setting it up nicely for a grandstand showdown. This is when the heart rate goes up a few beats as each of these drivers has a chance of victory. 5 to go and the elbows are out as we see cars fighting for every piece of tarmac, Lanini has the pressure on his shoulders and is holding station in P1. 3 to go and lady luck turns her back on Snider and O’ Brien as they collide. The final lap cost Ragan and Rodriguez a chance as they both crashed out, what an eventful finish to the race

Lionheart series hyperx iracing



Lanini takes victory for the HyperX Miami 200 by 0.31 of a second over Rasimas, Graaf taking P3. What a race, what a great opener to the 2022 retro season. Lanini showed how much pressure he can take by the pack breathing down his neck for many laps. Post race interview and Lanini mentioned in HyperX victory lane ” That was incredible” as he thanked his team and all those involved as he tried to calm his nerves and shaking after a stunning win.

“The car felt really racey” Lanini explained as he felt he could put it anywhere on the track and managed his strategy to perfection with fuel. Looking forward to the season Lanini mentioned ” it was the first time I had ever won a season opener and its a really cool feeling helping set up momentum for the season ahead” Not only that he wanted to ” Dedicate this win to Uncle Danny” who passed away on Jan 27th. Congratulations to Lanini on a stunning win!

Lionheart series hyperx iracing

ROUND 1 – HyperX Miami 200






Laps Led




1#92-GRAAFix LC Motorsports
 Chris Lanini
(+1) Led a lap
(+1) 0 or less Incidents
2#68-GRAAFix LC Motorsports
 Mike Rasimas
(+1) 0 or less Incidents
3#98-GRAAFix LC Motorsports
 Tyler J Graaf
(+1) 0 or less Incidents
4#7-Raven Motorsports Silver
 Ricky Hardin
5#99-Raven Lavoie Motorsports
 David Sirois
6#08-Raven Lavoie Motorsports
 Alex Guyon
(+1) 0 or less Incidents
 Trevor Malone
8#88-Raven Motorsports Silver
 Adam Frazier
 Robert Mikes
(+1) 0 or less Incidents
10#00-Raven Motorsports Black
 Mike Rigney


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