What Codemasters Should Recognise For F1 2022


What Codemasters Should Recognise For F1 2022

With the F1 2022 season almost ready to kick into gear, what can game developer Codemasters recognise and build on for its F1 2022 racing game?

It was a big year for Codemasters F1 2021 game, with it being the first since the developers were brought into the sports collection of Electronic Arts. The gameplay was solid, there were plenty of modes, and the team clearly went all-out to adapt to the changes to the season, such as with post-release track DLC.

Now, with the 2022 season of Formula One on the horizon and F1 2022 earmarked for a July release, we look at what the simulation game should aim to incorporate from the get-go, from driver ratings based on the favourites to the now-staple race format.

Don’t underestimate the new lead challenger

You’ll often find in EA games that title-winning sides get a significant boost to their ratings in the next game, but in Formula One, the champion isn’t expected to keep their crown. As it stands, sports betting online at Betfair shows that not only is Lewis Hamilton the 7/4 favourite to win the opening Bahrain Grand Prix, but he’s also the 5/4 favourite to reclaim the Drivers’ World Championship.

With the competition becoming so close now, there’ll be plenty of betting tips in the Other Sports section that examine each race and the fallout to point to the favourite. Last season, Max Verstappen squeaked past the then-reigning champion to end the incredibly exciting season. There was a small amount of controversy, but since then, everyone accepted the Dutchman as the world champion.

Still, given that Mercedes are tipped ahead of Red Bull in the odds this year and the officially announced return of Hamilton, Verstappen’s crown perhaps shouldn’t be accompanied by a ratings boost that’d put him too far ahead of the Englishman in F1 2022. Just as he did last year in the opening race, Hamilton will be well equipped and ready to take a crucial win in Bahrain on 20 March.

Returning tracks and the speedrun format

A new season means new venues can come into play, and the 2022 schedule looks very different from 2021. The return of races in Canada, Australia, and Singapore has been hailed as enriching to the sport, with each of them having offered a thrilling spectacle in the past.

Melbourne will take place on 10 April, Montréal on 19 June, and Singapore on 2 October. Despite not being on the calendar, all three featured in F1 2021, but many tracks are to undergo changes before the season begins, so some alterations may be needed here too.

Perhaps the biggest inclusion that can be considered a part of some race weekends is the Sprint. Sprint races came into play last season, with Interlagos, Silverstone, and Monza hosting the Saturday races. This year, six of the 23 dates are earmarked to host a Sprint, including Montréal. So, bringing in the Sprint as an option in F1 2022 looks to be a logical step. It’d certainly make some events distinct during a season playthrough.

The 2022 Formula One season is closing in, with Codemasters preparing their F1 2022 game for release a couple of months later. Hopefully, the new game doesn’t go overboard on adjusting Verstappen and Hamilton as a result of last season, and it’d be great to see track adjustments and even Sprint included.