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The Best Online Games For Formula 1 Fans

The Best Online Games For Formula 1 Fans

Gaming has grown massively in popularity, along with that, Formula 1 has had a massive fan base in the gaming industry. Here we see the best online games for Formula 1 fans.

Formula 1 and gaming has had a great history over the years, with many fans wanting to race with their favorite teams and cars, we have a list of the best online F1 games.

Since the 1930s until now, Formula 1 racing has been the focus of attention for speed lovers everywhere around the world. Formula 1 racing has always created excitement and interest as a sport, as a form of entertainment and as a track where the most skilled drivers and the latest cars compete. The first electronic game inspired by Formula 1 racing was introduced in 1976 and was called “Arcade F1”. However, nowadays, Formula 1 games have developed greatly and players can enjoy them on consoles, computers, smartphones and tablets as well.

Of course, the main series that owns the rights to use the brand name, cars and drivers in Formula 1 is the F1 game. However, at times, this series can get boring for many reasons. For example, this game can lack graphic updates, relatively poor content, and other negative aspects. Therefore, we have decided to present to you in this article the best Formula 1 games that you can enjoy on your smartphone and computer as well.

Ultimate Racing 2D

If you are a fan of racing games, then this amazing 2D game will suit you. Although aesthetically it may be less than 3D games it has a lot of great features. For example, in this game, you will find 35 racing classes, 300 cars to choose from, and more than 45 amazing race tracks. Moreover, the game modes are sure to appeal to you as you can play solo, play in multiplayer, or play online. You can partner with seven other people in a gaming session, and you can also play against 19 other players online. Although it is a great game and suitable for all players, it is only available for computers and there is no version for smartphones.

Arena Stars

Arena Stars is another unique racing game worth trying. This game has a nice aesthetic, great animation, and easy and smooth gameplay as well. This amazing game contains different categories of races. In addition, the game is not only limited to racing cars, but also contains Formula 1 cars, rally cars and truck racing. You can compete with players connected to the same console, play against friends online, or even enter tournaments with other players from all over the world. This game also gives you the ability to control your crew who repair cars, change wheels, and perform maintenance. This game is close to reality in many ways, which is what makes it a virtual sports game par excellence. For example, the game has good physics with realistic elements such as tire wear and fuel consumption. However, there are some software bugs that occur while playing, but the game developer that released this game, Fire, makes weekly updates to avoid these bugs. Like the previous game, Stars Arena is available to play on PC only.

F1 clash

Do you like coaches and managers games? If your answer is ‘yes’ then you will love the F1 clash game very much! Just like all other management games with common functions here, players have to take their teams to the top, win every race, compete against other managers, anticipate their future decisions, etc. In addition, F1 clashes include a lot of cool races in which you can participate, hire and train drivers. You can also make important decisions at any time during the race to improve your team’s results and get the best possible results. There is also plenty of room for customization where you can create and customise cars as you see fit. The game is developed by Hutch games and can be downloaded for free on Play Store and App Store.

FX Racer

FX Racer will be suitable for players who use old, low quality phones or do not have enough storage space. This game has an Amateur and a Pro mode where you can participate in different competitions and tracks with an opportunity to choose the right weather. In addition, there are plenty of options available to customise and improve the vehicle according to your desires. In addition, there are plenty of training and qualification courses available where you can improve your performance and results. Additionally, you can play in the quick career mode where you can earn credits to get different types of upgrades and vehicles. The game is developed by FNK Games and is available for free download on Android and iOS devices.

Formula Unlimited Racing

This game is about unlimited Formula 1 car racing. Formula Unlimited Racing gives you the opportunity to drive a car at a speed of up to 350 km / h. This simple game has high quality graphics and great physics controls. Immediately after starting the game, you can choose and participate in any of the available races. This game is very simple and easy where you can compete with 12 opponents and choose 18 tracks to compete in. This game is available for free download on Android devices only.

Race Director

This is the 3rd manager game on our list as here you will be the manager of your car and there is a lot that you can do to improve and upgrade your team so that they can help you fix your car quickly while parked. You will find a full dashboard where you can control the behavior of your car on the track. In addition, you can change your car, equip a new engine, and pre-determine how your car will behave in different weather conditions. In addition, you can upgrade your car and add more features to it, you can also put it back on track if it gets out of hand, and of course, you can also watch the race live. This game is available for free for Android and iOS.

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