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Jack Keithley Pro Racer ADAC GT Masters Raceroom

We catch up with our pro sim racing driver Jack Keithley who is racing in the ADAC GT Masters championship in RaceRoom.

Pro sim racing driver and all round challenger Jack Keithley drops by with an update on how his races are going in the ADAC GT Masters championship in RaceRoom. A packed and well talented series of drivers that are at the top of their game.

DB: Jack, great to have you back with an update blog here at simrace247, how have you been?

JK: Thank you, it means a lot. Been a bit tricky, just been struggling mentally but I am right now on the right path. A good race result always helps with that just like I had in the ADAC GT Masters yesterday. Last night, had my first shift at work where I felt vibrant and happy all over. That is the Jack I miss being.

DB: We see you have had a good run of form in recent races, how are you feeling about the season so far?

JK:I am confident of more good results to come. I love what I am doing and always motivated to look at every detail possible to gain speed and time. Got a very tricky couple of months ahead which will keep me occupied but I am looking forward to it. I do love a challenge!

DB: We always like to know how the car is, after all, its a combined effort of driver and machine.

JK:Oh absolutely but you got to have that vibe with the car. That it will do what you want it to do. With my vast experience in all kinds of machinery, I have managed to get a driving style that others I think would be hesitant to do but I am more than comfortable driving it in that way. It’s a bit like a KFC recipe, I am not going to give the secret but if anyone reading this knows me/been teammates with me or has watched races with me in them, they know what I am talking about.

DB: Have any new rivals risen to the challenge or climbing the ladder that is a surprise, we know all drivers in the series are very good, but who has really upped their game?

JK:It’s so highly competative in the ADAC GT Masters it’s incredible. Chriostopher Hogfeldt is there, he is currently leading the championship with me not far behind. He is on great form right now. Leanard Krippner is another, he recently joined the ever so strong Dorr Esports stable and is out of the gate insanely quick. When you have nearly half the field being potential race winners in equal machinery and fixed setup, on their day, nearly anyone can win. As NASCAR great King Richard Petty once said – “All you can do is put yourself in a position to win then fate dictates the outcome”


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