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Hello fellow sim racers of the world. Welcome my ninth SimRace247 blog of 2022. I hope that everyone is doing very well? Especially during these times of uncertainty with all the troubles that are occurring in the world. I know I’m going off topic slightly, but my thoughts and prayers go out to all our friends over in Ukraine. I hope that everything will be resolved swiftly without anymore innocent people getting hurt or killed!

This past week in sim racing has been quite an adventure. Mixed fortunes in terms of how my streams & races have turned out, but after each & everyone, there was a positive outcome from them. Whether they were successful, or I had learned something new along the way.

Also, after revealing my future plans of switching platforms to live streaming on Twitch (starting Monday April 11th), I feel more at peace with myself. Knowing that this will be a step in the right direction, in terms of my progression within the sim racing world & also from a content creator’s perspective as well. When I finally make the switch, if anyone wants to follow or subscribe to my Twitch channel, you can do so via the link. It’ll be awesome to have you along the journey:

Finally, I have recently released a brand-new video where I pilot 2 Formula One mods by Race Sim Studio to see what the potential pace differences are between the previous generation cars from 2021 and the new ground effect machines for 2022. I hope you will enjoy my latest creation!


So, without further ado, let’s talk you through each of my streams from this past week.

We’ll start this section off by discussing the first stream I did with the final round of the BoA eSports GT3 Championship from my favourite race circuit in ACC. The wonderful venue of Imola.

Having already wrapped up the PRO Drivers Championship in the previous event around Snetterton, there was very little pressure to perform in this event. And that kind of showed in my preparations for the race. Compared to the previous 6 races, I spent very little time testing the Aston Martin around the circuit. Looking back now, maybe I should have carried out a few more hours of driving to iron out everything that was wrong with my setup. I’ll explain more in a short while.

The pace in qualifying was very rapid, especially by the BMW of Graeme Kerr. I was so close to snatching pole position. But after the 15-minute session, I lost out on top spot to Graeme by just seven hundredths of a second, which was agonising to lose out by so little.

Despite this, I was still feeling confident going into the upcoming 60-minute race that a good result was still achievable, as long as I kept it clean and put the pressure on Kerr right from the get-go. However, as soon as the lights went green, the green & silver BMW was starting to stretch the legs and pulled out quite a lead in the first stint of the race. I tried to remain optimistic, but I knew secretly that my chances of achieving a race victory were diminishing further and further. Thankfully, I was pulling away from the cars behind, so my second place wasn’t under threat.

The reason why I couldn’t compete and why I mentioned that my setup wasn’t great, was all to do with how soft the suspension and the anti-roll bars were set. I could definitely feel that through some of the twisty sections of Imola, and through the awesome Acque-Minerali, the car was rolling around through the turns and it didn’t feel very responsive as a result. So, the next time I compete at the circuit, some alterations will definitely need to be made, in order to improve the performance of the Aston.

After my mandatory pitstop, I tried in vain to see if I could close the gap between myself & Kerr, with the lighter fuel load and fresher tires, I was hopeful. But I was only closing by as a little as a few hundredths to around 4 tenths of a second per lap. So, the opportunity to catch up wasn’t possible.

By the time the 60-minutes had elapsed, I finished just under 9 seconds behind the BMW of Kerr, which wasn’t too bad considering the setup issues and not spending as much time to prepare as I usually do. Well done to Graeme Kerr for clinching his first win. Very well deserved.

In terms of Assetto Corsa Competizione, I haven’t decided yet as to which series I will tackle next. I will need to spend a bit of time to discover what the new challenge will be. But it’s been very enjoyable to have participated in the BoA eSports series and also clinched the championship. My massive thanks to BoA for doing such a wonderful job with the organising of the series and it’s been great to drive against people I haven’t competed with before. And to have also met new people as well which has been great.

We’ll see what’s install next, but I’ll be sure to keep you good folks up to date about which championship I will tackle in the future in ACC.

Wednesday’s stream saw the fifth episode of my “What If Multi-Multiclass Racing Competed Here? Series. This time, tackling the fast and demanding Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal, Canada. I was meant to create this event in Automobilista 2. If I’m completely honest, after the previous 2 streams I did with the game, I’m not enjoying AMS2 all that much. I can’t get my head around the handling and tire model/physics with the game, even during times that I was doing private races on my own, the lack of enjoyment wasn’t there for me. So, for the rest of this particular series, the only title I’ll be using will be Assetto Corsa.

There’s one very good reason for concluding to this decision, other than it’s a far more enjoyable and superior title, in terms of car handling, force feedback, tire modelling etc. If you also factor in the joys of using Content Manager with the game, there’s so many novel ways you can improve on the title. So, for this episode, I’ve altered the names of the A.I drivers to include some of my Youtube subscribers. Just a small list of names include PedGivesUp, Todd Stimpson, Joshua & Toby Vanstone, Crystal Starr, Short Master (architect of the Mastercup series), Verena Mei, Andie the Lab (my More Female Racers team mate), Donk, TobyClassicUK & Donny McGarry. I wanted to do something like this for a long time, as a fun way to say thank you to all of my subscribers for their support and encouragement during my venture in content creating.

Surprisingly, this wouldn’t be the first time that Montreal has hosted sportscar racing around the venue. It was a round of the defunct FIA World Sportscar Championship many years ago. So, I had my suspicions that this experiment would go accordingly. And for the majority of the 35 lap event, I did during the stream, everything went extremely well. So, if it was entirely possible to have a whole multitude of classes competing at the same event at the same time, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve would turn out to be a great track to host more sportscar races as well as being the venue for the Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix.

Finally, to conclude another week of streaming, we had the third episode of my WRC 10 Rally Career.
After the second episode where I endured a terrible event at Portugal and had to finish the stream early due to exhaustion, the start of the stream was a case of completing the final 2 stages of said rally, which I was able to do, but the poor Citroen was in a sorry state by the time the rally had been concluded. Not much of the body panels remained.

Then, it was time to move onto the next rally, with an all-new tarmac rally which I’ve never competed in sim racing before, with the Ypres rally in Belgium. I was determined that this event was going to be more successful, and despite a couple of scary moments here and there, myself & co-driver Crystal (one of my subscribers) were actually victorious in the Ypres event. That more than made up for the disappointment of Portugal. It means that our chances of progressing to the very top of the WRC ladder has been enhanced even further. How much longer will it be before I can pilot one of the exotic World Rally Cars? Only time will tell.

Unfortunately, at the time of writing this blog, I’ve been feeling unwell for a few days. Nothing serious, but it means that I will need to spend a bit of time to rest so I can get back on my feet. The next time I will be live streaming on the channel will be Wednesday 9th March 2022. So, let me talk you through the schedule I have planned when I return.

Wednesday will see the sixth episode of my “What If Multi-Multiclass Racing Competed Here?” series. Around yet another Formula One Grand Prix venue. This time however, we’re jetting off to Hungary to trial out the Hungaroring near Budapest. For single seaters, this track is notorious difficult to provide any form of close racing. Not only because of the narrow nature and slow average speeds of the track, but also because of the downforce levels they produce. However, what about multiclass sportscar racing? Can they bridge the gap and help to provide exciting racing around the Hungaroring? This will certainly be a very intriguing experiment.


Thursday will see the third round of my community rally series in DiRT Rally 2.0. This time, we’ll be piloting the Historic H3 vehicles around the smooth & flowing stages of New Zealand. For those who don’t know about the class in DR2, the cars included are the Lancia Stratos, BMW M3 E30, Datsun 240Z, Renault 5 Turbo, Opel Ascona and the Ford Sierra RS Cosworth. I’ll be live streaming my attempt at the community event. Let’s see how this one fairs.

If anyone wants to participate in my community event, you can find a link for my rally club at the bottom of this blog.

DiRT Rally 2.0 STREAM

Finally, to celebrate the arrival of another weekend, I’ll be hosting my Forza Horizon 5 Community convoys. There will be more fun install for us as we’ll be tackling the seasonal events and many other races besides. After all the enjoyment from last weeks stream, I cannot wait to host this once again.


If you want, please be sure to subscribe to my Youtube & Twitch channels. You can follow me on Instagram as well as join our DiRT Rally 2.0 club. That’s about wraps things up for this week’s blog. Thank you so much for taking the time to read. Take care, stay safe & happy sim racing!!