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Sim Racing Product Websites Are Not Advertising Correctly

Sim Racing Product Websites Are Not Advertising Correctly

As I look at some sim racing product websites, one thing I notice is the advertising does not cover some very important features correctly.

It’s not very often I put my personal point across about individual things in the sim racing community, but as I survey some sim racing product websites, I have seen a theme that is quite misleading and needs to be addressed in the advertising department.

From a consumer’s point of view and people that wish to buy products, it is vital that website retailers provide all the relevant information regarding the products. This includes the sizing of the product, including weight, compatibility and so forth.

People in the sim racing community are willing to commit to a purchase, but I can inform these companies, some are being put off by not being able to see the exact details. I will put it this way, I for one would not make a purchase without all details on the product being advertised and would simply look elsewhere that provides all information.

I call upon sim racing retailers to ensure the aforementioned is provided in the products advertising. I am not one for naming and shaming but simply call on those in the industry to move and implement on these findings.

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Darren Buckner

Darren Buckner

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