Women In Sim Racing Yvonne Houffelaar Blog #51


Women In Sim Racing Yvonne Houffelaar Blog #51

Our women in sim racing blogs continue here at simrace247, our resident blogger Yvonne Houffelaar keeps the community posted on her events.

Women in sim racing continues here at simrace247 with Yvonne Houffelaar and her weekly sim racing blogs. In blog 51, she continues to keep the sim racing community posted on her racing events and more.

Welcome to my fifty-first weekly blog!!

RCI World Tour

On Saturday 12-02-2022, it was time for the first round of the RCI World Tour, 10 hours at the Nürburgring. I drove this season with Sophie Aeronwen and Sarah Johnson. The qualifying was a week before, we qualified P21, that is P10 in class. I had some problems with my wheel, when the session forwarded to the race session. The wheel was calibrating again, and the force feedback went away. I do a lot of feeling from the wheel, because I can’t feel my feet and what I’m doing with my pedals, also I’m using a dash on my upper screen to see my pedal input. We pitted the second lap of the race, and Sarah got into the car. This meant we couldn’t run our strategy, we needed to use this strategy, because of another race that Sophie and I had. We were at the back of the field, luckily we could gain some places back. It was not the best race for the start of a championship, but we made the best of it, and didn’t give up. We finished P36, P17 in class.

eSports Italia Women’s Championship

On Saturday, 12-02-2022, was the first round of the eSports Italia Women’s Championship, 40 minutes at the Nürburgring. This race was during the RCI World Tour, which means I didn’t practice before the race, and I had our discord voice channel on over the speaker. We practiced a lot the day before, and I had a very good pace. When I joined the GT Sport lobby, and did some laps in the official practice server, I noticed my good pace was gone. I think it’s because I don’t have much experience in the game, and need to practice also before the race starts. I qualified P6, with a bad lap time, compared to what I drove the day before, but I hoped to gain some places in the race. I did gain a few places, but I heard on my stream that there were problems with the strategy in the RCI World Tour. I still had my stream on the upper screen, and tried to say which strategy Sarah needed. While I was typing, I lost the car and also a few places. Luckily I could gain some places, but it could have been a lot better. I finished P6. I learned that I need to organize it differently, and I already arranged that for the next race.

GT Fusion Qualifying

eTeamBRIT qualified for the GT Fusion races.There was a qualifying and 2 races on Sunday 13-02-2022. It was with a road car and very difficult.
Luckily, we all qualified, and we will soon find out what we need to drive for the GT Fusion races!

You can check out the two races here:


Team Racing Point

On Monday 14-02-2022, was the Team Racing Point Women’s Championship. It was 1 hour at Suzuka. I didn’t have the energy to practice, but I knew I was good there. I qualified on P6, could’ve been better, considering it was my first couple of laps, it wasn’t bad. We needed to drive the cars back to the pitlane, return to the garage is not allowed. I drove back to the pitlane, at the end of the qualifying session. When I drove back to the pitlane, the session got forwarded to the race session. When that happened, my wheel started calibrating again (same as on Saturday during the RCI World Tour). I needed to restart my wheel and the game. I did that and thought i could go back in and start from the pitlane. Unfortunately, I couldn’t go back to the server, and I couldn’t drive the race. Which means i did not start (DNS), the championship chances are over, but hopefully the next one is going better.

Race Asylum Real World 150

On Tuesday 15-02-2022, was the final round of the Race Asylum Real World 150. I drove in the Volkswagen Beetle, at Le Mans. I did a little bit of practice before the lobby opened, I didn’t have a good feeling about the race. I said to myself, we will see how it goes, it’s all about getting more experience. When I qualified P6, it was already a lot better than I expected. My strategy was good, and my race pace was also a lot better. If I didn’t spin, and my pace on the hard tire was a little bit faster, it would have been a very good result. I finished P5, a lot better than I expected!

Upcoming Races:
18-02-2022: Theamusante Community Rush Hour Final round, 1 hour @ Misano
21-02-2022: GGG Formula-G Round 2, 40 minutes @ Tokyo Expressway South Outer Loop
23-02-2022: RCI Diamond Drive Cup Round 4, 1 hour @ Monza

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