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Luis Gonzalez Nunez iRacing Lionheart Racing Series 2022

Luis Gonzalez Nunez iRacing Lionheart Racing Series 2022

Our sponsored sim racing driver Luis Gonzalez Nunez is ready for the iRacing Lionheart Racing Series coming your way very soon in 2022.

This is one of those moments that should make Luis Gonzalez Nunez very proud, he steps into the iRacing Lionheart Racing Series in 2022 as a driver for us here at simrace247. Having many great chats and messages with Luis, we decided to fully back him for the 2022 season across all of the Lionheart Racing Series events that is shown live on Racespot TV.

Many will know that Lionheart Racing Series is one of the best leagues in the world of sim racing ( Yes i can say that) that is driven by pure passion, slick organization and a team of people that know how to deliver.

Luis will be competing in the IndyCar IR18 class, Speedway DW12 class and the classic Lotus 79 series throughout the year. With a notable mention to Tyler Graaf who implemented and helped design the liveries, we can officially show the cars Luis will be driving.

Many of you that have a keen eye for motorsport will notice the Eliseo Salaza inspired livery as Luis has roots from Chile, South America. Luis has been a massive fan of Eliseo for many years and wanted to have a theme that was recognised for his love of Chile and his family.

We wish all the best luck for Luis in the 2022, we know he is a very passionate sim racer that can achieve his goals and ambitions.


Darren Buckner

Darren Buckner

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