Our women in sim racing blogs continue here at simrace247, our resident blogger Yvonne Houffelaar keeps the community posted on her events.

Yvonne Houffelaar returns with her weekly women in sim racing blogs, not only that, she has hit a landmark figure of 50 blogs here, so a massive congratulations from simrace247! As usual, Yvonne keeps the community posted on her events and more.

Welcome to my 50th weekly blog!! 50 weekly blogs, which means 50 weeks, almost a year!!

Theamusante Community Rush Hour
On Friday 04-02-2022, was round 6 of Theamusante Community Rush Hour, at Brands Hatch. It is multiclass racing, every team has one car in the GT3 and one car in the GT4. I was driving in the GT3 Bentley, and Sophie Aeronwen was driving in the GT4 Porsche.

I didn’t have the energy to practice, my legs were not good, and needed to drive the hour race. I did an arrive and drive, and I knew this race was going to be about surviving. Surviving the hour race and getting a few points for the championship. I qualified P15, not a good qualifying, luckily my race pace was better, and I could gain some spots. After a difficult hour of driving, loads of braking problems because of my disability, I finished P8 in the Pro class. Not a very good result, but still some points for the championship!

RCI World Tour Qualifying
On Saturday 05-02-2022, I drove the qualifying for the RCI World Tour. The RCI World Tour 2022, starts on Saturday 12-02-2022. I drive together with Sophie Aeronwen and Sarah Johnson. We are driving with the Bentley, with car number 147. I drove the qualifying for the first round at the Nürburgring. I finished P21 overall, and P10 in class. We have a better race car than a qualifying car, and we will give it all for a good result!!

SimARG Girls Racing Cup
On Sunday 06-02-2022, was the final round of the SimARG Girls Racing Cup. I was already second in the championship, only Sophie Aeronwen is in front of me, and simply got a very good pace that I can’t drive yet! I knew if I stay in front of the other ladies, I would finish second in the championship. My goal was to finish second in the championship, I needed to get good results in the final round because it was a double points round.

I drove the pole position, I was very surprised about it, and very happy! My first race was good, my pace was good. I was gaining time on Christina, who was in second place. I finished first, and won my first feature race! Sophie had a stunning drive, spun the first lap, and drove back to P3!


The second race was 5 laps and a reversed grid. This means I started last. I had a good start and gained 3 positions. After some trouble with a few ladies, to pass, I finished at P3. It was difficult to pass and got a few hits what makes it very difficult. I love to race, especially when it’s clean racing! I think it’s coming from a different driving style. I drive slower in and quick out of the corner. They are driving fast in, and slow out.

I’ve got hit in the middle of the corner because they are still slowing down, and I’m going already on the throttle. I maybe need to adjust my driving style, but I’m so used to driving like this, because of Assetto Corsa Competizione and iRacing. It is quicker, only overtaking makes it very difficult. I’m very happy with my results, in the first championship I drove in Gran Turismo Sport! I finished P2 in the championship. Sophie Aeronwen is the champion, she deserves it, and I’m very proud of her!

RCI Diamond Drive Cup
On 09-02-2022, was round 2 of the RCI Diamond Drive Cup, 1 hour at the Hungaroring. It was a very difficult race. I couldn’t move very well, decided not to practice, and do an arrive and drive. The last time that I drove at the Hungaroring, was the Sim Grid Endurance Cup season 3, which was half a year ago. I needed to score good points, because of the championship. I had a terrible qualifying, I needed to start from P13. Luckily my race was a little bit better, it was all about surviving, and staying on track with Bernadette (the Bentley). I did stay on track, unfortunately, didn’t have a good pace. Other ladies make some mistakes, and that’s why I finished P4 in Silver class.

Upcoming races:

  • 12-02-2022: RCI World Tour Round 1; 10 hours @ Nürburgring
  • 12-02-2022: eSports Italia Women’s GT (GT Sport) 40 minutes @ Nürburgring
  • 14-02-2022: Team Racing Point Women’s Championship1 hour @ Suzuka
  • 16-02-2022: RCI Diamond Drive Cup round 3; 90 minutes @ Silverstone

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