MasterCup Season 2 Event 1 Saga Dirt Rally 2.0

MasterCup Season 2 Event 1 Saga Dirt Rally 2.0

Our league partner MasterCup Rally has seen season 2 recently kicking off, with event 1 seeing a great turnout in Dirt Rally 2.0

The MasterCup rally in Dirt Rally 2.0 is a great league to check out if you are a rally fan, recently event 1 came to an end, as event 2 is now live we recap on how the series and MasterCup is doing.

MasterCup Official 

MasterCup Rally 2 didn’t start off easy for our driver as we’ve had 9 drivers being unable to finish their stages due to terminal damage. Sadly some drivers suffered from random game crashes causing them to be given a major time penalty.

Last year’s overall champion Aldyr’s also seen major competition from our new MCR drivers such as EA, r24kiwi and mat131313. This is really setting the pace for this year’s championship, with all drivers claiming their spots on the leader board, in doing so also finding out who their rival drivers will be for the series.

With the end of event 1, I would like to thank the 25 driver’s who competed and gave it their all:

  1. Aldyr
  2. EA
  3.  r24kiwi
  4.  matt131313
  5. PeeEss
  6.  Steak_N_Bacon202
  7. Ruben Schenkel
  8.  Annalise Riot
  9.  Donnchadh MacGarry
  10. ^1[Red Mould] ^2Savav
  11.  meowinthemix
  12.  AdrianRees
  13.  T-ray71
  14. Đ$ℍ
  15. guigui
  16. Eaglecott
  17. AMR_DANI3L
  18.  freddykitching69
  19.  Eda erudzitis84
  20.  RaptorNL
  21.  Mario Andretti
  22.  TheSakmaniac
  23.  Dannymak1694
  24.  Chapel
  25. jwyg

Here’s a link to see more details of the MCR2’s championship standings: Spreadsheets

We’ve also seen some new faces in the MCR discord where we get to see drivers being able to chat and share their experiences in their stages. Not only that but we are also able to watch and share our stage live streams and recordings of stage runs.

If you or a friend of yours wish to join us for this incredible yearlong Dirt 2.0 rally championships feel free to join us, once you’ve joined the championship feel free to join us on Discord where you’d get to chat, share your MCR live streams and vids. You’d also get to more info on upcoming events in the series and community events we hold.

Lastly, I’d like to thank Darren and for all the support they’ve shown in helping the MCR both on their website and behind the scenes.

Don’t forget to join our Discord and meet up with some of our drivers.

If you have any questions about the MCR please feel free to ask one of our staff members in the discord
Annalise Riot

Please feel free to join us for MasterCup Championships

The MasterCup is a league partner with simrace247: MasterCup Championship