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Women In Sim Racing Elz Indriani Blog #3

Women In Sim Racing Elz Indriani Blog #3

We catch up with Elz Indriani and her women in sim racing blogs. She is a great person to check out in the sim racing community. Be sure to support and follow!

We have been enjoying the support and the reading of Elz Indriani and her women in sim racing blogs. As many will know, we support many in the sim racing genre. We are ALL here for the same thing, the love for sim racing.

Let’s catch up with Elz and see how her racing and events have been over the past week, enjoy!


Hello! Welcome to my 3rd weekly blog. Today I’m gonna share with you my races at Brands Hatch and Nurburgring. It’s pretty interesting to read trust me, although I didn’t race as much as the week before I got so many lessons from this week’s races.

FRL GT3 Championship R4 – Brands hatch

Short track with uphill and downhill, I can say this is a busy track where one small mistake would cost you losing your position and it is very easy to send your car to the grass. This track might look easy but not so easy to drive in my opinion.

Obviously, this is not my favorite track, it was more enjoyable to drive in M4 instead of Ferrari. My lap time was not so good but not so bad. Didn’t expect much in this round, gonna be tough to race in this track with 33 drivers on the grid.

I started at P25, survived the T1 yay! It went pretty well all the way to Stringling’s. As we approached the last turn (Clark Curve) I got a chance to overtake the car in front of me but too bad I misjudged my moves back then, I had contact with him when I tried to take his position from the inside. That was my bad. It cost me damage and I got kicked to P33.


I wasn’t sure whether I should drive back to the pit, fix the damage, and do the mandatory pit right after so I can push later; or should I pit a little bit later than I planned to. My car was fine, I had around 10 seconds of damage so I decided to keep on driving. I had enough fuel for extra laps before I need to do the mandatory pit.

The plan was to drive nice and safe, follow the car in front and wait for him to make a mistake then I’ll take his position (I played it safe basically). And it worked! I managed to get into P7 before the pit, had a nice battle with my friend J. Damstra and other drivers as well, finished at P19.

Driving in Brands Hatch feels like riding a roller coaster, just like my race. From P25 jumped down to 33, slowly up to P7, had a cool battle and overtake, finished at P19. That put me in #17 on the overall standings.

GG, we should do this again!

FRL Endurance 2022 R1 – Nurburgring

My first endurance race was held on one of my favorite tracks at the moment and I drove the Mc Laren (my current favorite car), this got to be a good time for me.

I team up with my J. Damstra for this series. We have about the same pace. Over the last few days before the race, we made our setup, made a change here and there. And also Jelle found a cool livery for us.

Jelle did the Qualifying and first stint, I did the second. The first stint felt so intense for almost 1 hour straight but it went pretty well for us. On to 1 hour left, I prepared myself for my stint, felt excited to drive here. And, boom. It didn’t go well.

All this time I practice my racing with braking marks. I didn’t prepare myself to drive without any marks. And there were no braking marks when I did my stint. I can say I was so slow, I wasn’t sure about my braking points in almost every turn.


For me, the worst part was on my TP. I prepared my tyre pressure for driving in the first stint, not the second. Track temperature went down after a while, I was driving with cold tires, it stressed me out not gonna lie. We finished at P17. Not the result we wanted but it’s okay. We’ll do better next time.

Lessons learned, always look for a mark that can’t be broken (I’ll keep that in mind), double check your setup and current track temperature, and don’t stress out when things go wrong.

So that’s all for today. It was a roller coaster ride but I’m happy with my race in Brands and I’m looking forward to my upcoming endurance. I can’t wait to see how myself going after what happened in Nurburgring. Will I learn from my mistakes? Or will I make more mistakes so I can learn more? Lol we’ll see about that.

You can rewatch my race on Twitch. I put the link below (and my other socials too). Wishing you all a good day, stay safe and healthy. See ya!

Want to read the introduction to Elz, click here: Women In Sim Racing Elz Indriani Introduction 

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