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Women In Sim Racing Elz Indriani Blog #2

Women In Sim Racing Elz Indriani Blog #2

We catch up with Elz Indriani for our women in sim racing blogs here at simrace247. Plenty of racing and stuff to check out here!

After her introduction blog, we catch up with Elz Indriani and our women in sim racing blogs, a great feature that supports great people including women in the sim racing genre.

As many people know, simrace247 supports all those in our gaming genre, so kick back, grab a cuppa of your favourite beverage and enjoy our blog from Elz.

Hello everyone I hope you’re doing well. Today I’m gonna share my journey in sim racing. This week has been a crazy week for me, with lots of meetings and doing research for my upcoming projects, and on the other hand, I have to practice for my upcoming races as well. But I’m glad everything is under control.

Alright, let’s get to it! This week I’m racing in Imola, Monza, and Donington. Every race has its own challenge, which is interesting for me.

Road to Italy R2 – Imola

This is the 2nd round of Road to Italy by Formula Racing League. In this round, we were racing in Imola. I didn’t expect that much in this race as you guys know (or maybe you haven’t heard about it) almost all my races in Imola were awful. I found this track very challenging for me.

But it turned out pretty fine! I slowly gained position, I felt confident with my pace, had clean overtakes, didn’t expect that. I got P10. Although there were still imperfections during the race but I’m proud of my race in Imola that day.

FRL GT3 Championship R3 – Donington

From Imola, we’re heading to Donington for the 3rd round of FRL GT3 Championship. It was one of the worst races for me. I messed up my qualifying, starting from P33. My tires were cold during the race but I managed to get into P14 before pitting.

I made a few mistakes that cost me my position. I was involved in an incident (some of it were my fault), had Aero damage, I can’t fight or defend my position because my car was pretty much broken. I had to drive in a broken car for the last 15/20 mins of the race.

Racing in Donington can be tough. I learned my lesson about what to do and what NOT to do in Donington. Will come back stronger. I just want to forget this race and move on.

The Women Championship R2 – Monza

Monday is the day where I’ll be racing against the girls I met from MFR! We were racing in Monza. This race is special for me, this is my first wet race in a championship. Although I was a bit nervous, I felt confident with my pace here.

During the Free Practice and Qualifying, I managed to reach 1:56 high, which was great for me because that was the first time I could reach 1:56-ish in Monza under wet conditions.

The first race went pretty smooth at first. I started at P15, one of the cleanest Lap 1 for me, slowly climbing position into P12. I even had a pretty cool battle but I failed to defend my position because there was a stronger driver overtaking me, and somebody bumped into me 2 times (she missed her braking points) and I had aero damage.

A broken car + wet race is not a good combination for battle, I often lose control of my car. I just want to finish this race and bring my car back to the pit safely. I had to lower my expectation during the first race although I know I can do better than this.

The second race was pretty tough in Qualifying. Few of my laps are invalidated, but I scored my best time at the very last minute. Too bad I made one fatal mistake, I pressed the ESC button to RTG, which is not allowed in this championship. I had to start from the pit. It gave me pressure not gonna lie, I had to fight for position no matter what. Starting from the back of the pack wasn’t easy. But I found my rhythm during the race and I finished at P12.

This race is GG!!!

Road to Italy R3 – Monza

Another day, another race in Monza. This is the final round of Road to Italy by Formula Racing League! We were all driving in Ferrari. It was my first night race in Monza.

I was afraid cold tires and brakes can be my main problem here. It turned out SO GOOD! Yes, so good. We had the cleanest T1 ever, I had a great battle and overtake I started from P16 and finished at P7. I’m so proud of myself. I’m getting better in Monza.


So that’s all of my races this week. Many ups and downs but it’s alright as long I enjoyed the race and I learned something new. I survived wet race and night race in Monza, didn’t expect that. I’m so excited to explore more tracks and more variable conditions. Also, I would like to understand more about the car setup.

My upcoming races 

4/2 FRL GT3 Championship R4 @ Brands Hatch
5/2 FRL Endurance R1 @ Nurburgring

Darren Buckner

Darren Buckner

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