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rFactor 2 Is On The Up In Sim Racing

rFactor 2 Is On The Up In Sim Racing

rFactor 2 is going in the right direction for sim racing, with the support of Motorsport Games. Will the tables start to turn even more?

Now I said a while back that rFactor 2 is one to keep an eye on in sim racing, so far we have a new interface, with a new LMP3 car, and Daytona International Speedway on the horizon. To be fair the new UI, which i may add is rather nice if I’m honest.

But their is more in the pipeline, since the recent takeover from Motorsport Games, some had been wondering what will happen with rFactor 2. Well, proof and patience are here on full display as it seems the connection and takeover is going to grow fruit as they say.

The introduction of the Ligier JS P320 LMP3 is a nice welcome to the roster, but this has me thinking, what are they up to? We already know that the Virtual Le Mans is based on rFactor 2, and with Daytona International Speedway on the cards for a future release, Studio 397, in a positive way is setting something up…..its just got that air about it…am i complaining…not at all…in fact there is a buzz about for rFactor 2.

Whilst some will always say, its playerbase is low or x,y,z is not right….i would hold onto those thoughts at the moment, rFactor 2 with the support of Motorsport Games is making changes, overdue and well deserved changes, but…..they are coming.

Add also into the mix that Studio 397 is/was looking at hiring personnel for its studio, the recipe looks like some great stuff is coming for the sim racing title. This is very interesting as we see some racing titles be a continous platform, rather than releasing a new title every few years. We must not forget that titles like iracing, rFactor 2 are an evolution that will be in constant development.

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