MasterCup Season 2 Event 2 Dirt Rally 2.0 Starts 6th Feb

The Mastercup Rally is something rally fans need to check out in Dirt Rally 2.0. Event 2 of season 2 is coming February 6th.

The MasterCup Rally is a league that will test some of the best racers in Dirt Rally 2.0. As season 2 got underway at the start of the year, event 1 is at its final hours, with event 2 ready and raring to go on Feb 6th. Be sure to check them out and sign up!

MasterCup Official

As event 1 comes to a close we’ve had some incredibly fast stage times, along with various drivers having to end their stage runs due to terminal damage. We now find ourselves behind the wheel of 3 of the most iconic historical H1 Fwd rally cars in New England (U.S.A).

MasterCup Season 2 Event 2 Dirt Rally 2.0 Starts 6th Feb

Things should be rather intresting as we go from the powerful GT class and jumping to historic class, we are in for some more great racing. Good luck to all our driver’s, see you at the finish line.

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The MasterCup is a league partner with simrace247: MasterCup Championship