Women In Sim Racing Yvonne Houffelaar Blog #48

Women In Sim Racing Yvonne Houffelaar Blog #48

Our women in sim racing blogs continue here at simrace247, our resident blogger Yvonne Houffelaar keeps the community posted on her events.

Yvonne Houffelaar returns with her weekly women in sim racing blogs, we are at weekly blog number 48 (time passes quickly) where she keeps us informed, and the community of her events.

Welcome to my forty-eight weekly blog!!

PL4YR Red Bull x Endurance
On Wednesday 19-01-2022, was the PL4YR Red Bull x Endurance round 4. The Red Bull Junior car, at the Red Bull Ring. It was my first race in this championship, the second day when I drove this car in GT Sport. I already noticed with practice, that the car suits me.

I had some decent pace at the Red Bull Ring, I only didn’t have time to find out the best strategy. The rules of the championship said that I needed to start on the back of the field, nothing to worry about, I had the pace to drive to the top 3.

After a good start, opening lap, and in the first corner from lap 2, I took over the lead. I drove my own pace and tried to stick with my plan. My plan was, to do a two stop. Only it turns out, this wasn’t the fastest, I lost too much time with fuel saving.

I was in the lead for an hour, but couldn’t hold it. The guys who were first and second did a three stop, and that turns out the fastest way. I ended up P3, a very good result, and it’s something to build from!!

Stream of can be found here: https://youtu.be/VCZk4JSqMKI

24 hours at Daytona
On Saturday 22-01-2022, was the iRacing 24 hours at Daytona. I drove together with Mira Evergarden, Sophie Aeronwen, Sarah Johnson, and Jyri Turkia. I was lucky that I could use Matt’s wheel, and picked it up on Friday at midnight.

Because I didn’t have a wheel, the days before, I couldn’t practice, and it didn’t make me feel comfortable in the LMP2. Mira had a very good and strong pace, drove the pole position, and the fastest lap of the race.

I drove my stints in the night, I got a bit stressed from the car, and tried to make the best from it. After some trouble in the afternoon, we had a good recovery drive, and finished at P4.

SimARG Girls Racing Cup
On Saturday 22-01-2022, was also round 2 of the SimARG Girls Racing Cup. It was a 15 laps race, then a reverse grid 5 laps race, at Lago Maggiore GP. A track that I needed to learn, on GT Sport. I didn’t have time to practice before the race, because of the 24 hours at Daytona.

The first race was a difficult one, I need to get used to the different driving styles and standards in GT Sport. It’s just a bit less clean, than in Assetto Corsa Competizione or iRacing. Luckily, in the last 3 laps of the race, I could come back and finished P3.

In the sprint race, I did some good overtakes, and worked together with Sophie Aeronwen (who won the first race), to get up to the front! After good teamwork, we drove back to P2 and P3. Unfortunately, I was a bit distracted, I had on the upper screen the 24 hours, and heard a teammate swearing.

I looked up to see what was going on, luckily nothing, but in meantime, I had a track cut, in the second last corner of the race. Unfortunately, I needed to lift off a second on the straight before the finish line.

This means I didn’t finish P2, instead I finished P5. I wouldn’t recommend, as a team manager but also driver, to do two races on the same time, and also want to check up if you hear something. Oh well.. I learned from it, and next time I will do it different. Sophie had a very good race, and have the lead in the championship. I’m at P5 in the championship, but only 5 points behind P2.

The streams can be found here:

WSR Porsche Cup
On Sunday 23-01-2022, was the WSR Porsche Cup. 30 minutes race, and a 15 minutes sprint race, with a reversed grid, at Laguna Seca. I drove in the Pro split, which was difficult. Very high level, and I knew my pace wasn’t good enough.

Especially without sleeping, during the 24 hours, and couldn’t practice a lot for the WSR Porsche Cup on GT Sport. I finished P10, and P7. The result could be better, but I’m happy that I wasn’t last in the Pro split! I don’t have a lot of experience in GT Sport, only 9 weeks, but I learn a lot from Sophie Aeronwen!

The streams can be found here:

Next week
Next week, there will be a lot of races. Also in Assetto Corsa Competizione, I’m not sure if I can do those races, it depends how my legs are doing on that day. I plan the races in my schedule, I try to race them, if it’s not going well with my health, I need to cancel them. I keep you all updated on my discord channel!!

Upcoming races:

28-01-2022: Cats charity race, 3 hours @ Spa Francorchamps (GT Sport)
29-01-2022: eSports Italia Women’s Championship Qualifying (GT Sport)
30-01-2022: SimARG Girls Racing Cup Round 3 @ Red Bull Ring
31-01-2022: Team Racing Point; Women’s Championship 2022, Round 2 @ Monza (ACC)
01-02-2022: Race Asylum; Real World 150 @ Fuji Short Lay-out (GT Sport)
02-02-2022: RCI Diamond Drive Cup Season 3, round 1 @ Suzuka

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