VCO the big name in eSports and sim racing has partnered with the museum of gaming and eSports history. This will open the door for Digital Collectibles to the market.

Many of us know about VCO, they are a major name in the sim racing and eSports genre, recently they partnered up with the museum of gaming and eSports history.

Munich – The Virtual Competition Organisation (VCO) announced a new partnership with, The Museum of Gaming and Esports History, on Wednesday. This marks the beginning of an exciting collaboration that will introduce special Digital Collectibles to the market, starting early 2022. Together, VCO and will create unique Digital Collectibles based on the events organized by VCO. Drops will be minted and released over the course of 2022, giving fans and drivers the opportunity to own, collect, and trade memorabilia from the fantastic world of Esports Racing. The first-ever collection of VCO Digital Collectibles will be available to users shortly after the platform Beta launch, expected in a few days. Florian Haasper, CEO of VCO: “We are really excited about getting the partnership with TKNZ underway. VCO is all about innovation and creating unique content from the Esports Racing universe, and TKNZ’s Digital Collectibles deliver the ultimate level of uniqueness. To us it’s of utmost importance that TKNZ uses an environmentally conscious solution for minting on their platform so that we can deliver Esports Racing fans around the world a state-of-the-art digital experience surrounding our signature Esports Racing League to be held for the first time in 2022.” Georgi Pepelyankov, CEO of “Partnering up with VCO means so much to the team behind TKNZ. We are pumped to bring to the world a new breed of Digital Collectibles loaded with super-powers. We are working on a lot of exciting things for both the fans of Esports Racing and the drivers who show incredible skills in the fantastic events organized by VCO. The team is absolutely buzzing to see how the Esports Racing community will engage with the upcoming drops!” is working on assembling The Museum of Gaming & Esports History. The tailor-made for gaming and esports fans platform, will allow organizations and creators to engage their community in a direct and meaningful way. TKNZ partners will be able to more easily develop their existing communities and gain exposure to new fans, all while upcycling and monetizing their archive content. builds on the Flow blockchain. Flow uses Proof of Stake validation mechanism which eliminates the incentive to “mine” blocks. Flow is also an environmentally conscious solution as it uses 100,000+ (one hundred thousand) times less energy per year than Bitcoin.