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How will Codemasters handle upcoming changes in Formula One?

How will Codemasters handle upcoming changes in Formula One?

Popular Formula 1 game developer Codemasters will have the task of creating the new season of cars and changes in its racing title.

We all know that the Formula 1 game by Codemasters is very popular across the globe, but how will they deal with and handle the upcoming changes to the F1 new season ahead?

2022 will be a landmark year in Formula One for a variety of different and exciting reasons. When all is said and done, we’re going to see the biggest effort yet to level the playing fields in order that one team or driver doesn’t establish any long-term superiority.

If you’re rolling your eyes after reading that then don’t worry, you’re not alone given that we’ve heard it all before after the many false dawns in the sport with regards to a more competitive spectacle. Ominously, the latest F1 betting odds for the 2022 Championship won’t do much to decrease the level of cynicism around either as Lewis Hamilton is once again the favourite to win the title having been priced at 11/10.

But a few words in defense of that is we’re not even sure if Hamilton is coming back to race after falling out with the FIA as the latest news is still rife with rumours. Lastly and most importantly, however, is the fact that the alterations the cars are undergoing look to be seismic, and a changing of the guard could well be on the horizon.

But let’s park that for now and talk about what everyone wants to know, how will Codemasters, the creators of the F1 video game, cope with the upcoming adjustments to the vehicles?

Seismic Changes

In many ways, the games’ creators are in an unenviable position as they, like everyone else, go into the season blind, the difference is that they have to now predict what the status quo will be like in the upcoming campaign.

In essence, they’ve got to decide how competitive they make the likes of Ferrari and McLaren, with both teams tipped to make a strong charge for the title now that the 2022 modifications are in place.

It’s an intriguing scenario when you consider how much fanfare the 2021 version of the game brought with the quite sensational addition of ‘Career Mode’ making it the best one yet. Much of the praise was down to the fact of how realistic it was and how much freedom you had as you built a name for yourself.

Now, that realistic element will be lost if the standings get turned on their heads due to the amendments to the cars. Indeed, it doesn’t take much imagination to predict what the criticism aimed at Codemasters will be if this is the case with the creators accused of a lack of foresight which would be grossly unfair given that in reality, does anyone know what the next 12 months will bring in the sport?

Conveniently, it’s a problem that is easily rectified in the 2023 edition as there would have been ample time to study the developments and patterns that the new dawn in Formula One brings as the sport’s V6 hybrid era undergoes its biggest changes. In other words, it won’t be a long-term problem by any means.

Until then, however, and as much as everyone doesn’t want to hear it, it’s probably best to brace for some teething issues in Formula One 2022 as Codemasters do their level best to navigate the terrain ahead whilst in the dark.

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