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Surely Not Another Assetto Corsa Competizione Cheat Exploit?

Surely Not Another Assetto Corsa Competizione Cheat Exploit?

No, it cannot be, not another cheat and exploit being used in Assetto Corsa Competizione. Jimmy Mansi has the lowdown on what it could be.

What’s going on with Assetto Corsa Competizione, some things seem a bit off and not quite right, surely not another cheat or exploit again? Our sim racing driver Jimmy Mansi has been doing the rounds and checking up on a few things and noticed something rather suspect.

Before we get to this, we would like to hear some clarity from racing teams, drivers, and even Kunos. As we know, big prizes are on offer to many in the sim racing world, I hope this is a clear warning to those people that this is going on.

Simrace247 racing driver Jimmy Mansi

Hey all, before we start.. This isn’t a negative (toe) post about what’s going on in ACC. This is more to highlight and share some thoughts and feelings around the recent findings of the ability to exploit a setup glitch with the cars where you can run full negative toe and camber.

Very recently on Twitter, an image was posted (see below) of a setup for the Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo. This setup showed the car running full negative toe and camber on the front and rear of the car.

Something, that in real life, would not see you racing on a track for very long. Now it seems this exploit (and I cannot stress the word ‘exploit’ enough) has been something that has been known for quite some time within ACC.

Whilst this shouldn’t surprise you, because there are exploits within just about every sim/game. What it does show is that there is an advantage to be gained by using this.

Assetto Corsa Competizione Cheat Exploit

I have read an abundance of posts around this and the same few points rise to the surface each and every time. ‘This reduces tyre wear’.. ‘This reduces tyre temps’.. ‘It makes you faster on the straights..

To name a few. So, what does this mean for the racing in ACC? Well, the first point is.. Those who have raced, knowing this ‘glitch’ is within the sim are not cheaters.

At the very top level of racing, in real life and in sim racing, everyone will look to see if there is an advantage to be gained or better worded, a loophole that they can use to benefit them. Any of you who watch F1 will know the boundaries are constantly pushed to see what they can ‘get away with’.

However, if you go a little deeper with this, it does make certain things questionable. For example, if it has the above mentioned benefits and you are one of a few to know of the exploit. You have a huge advantage over those who do not.

The question from that.. Is it fair? Well, seeing as it’s not a cheat or a dodgy .json file that is giving you the advantage I don’t think it can be deemed as fair or unfair. Is it honest? No, simple answer, it isn’t. However, using this doesn’t drive the car for you and before you start to think ‘are the quick guys really this quick?’ yes.. Simple answer.

Let’s relate this to the recent 1.8 update that caused quite the stir within ACC. We have seen races, leagues and events become somewhat of a McLaren and BMW M4 event (where it used to be the AMV8).

The reason for this.. Both cars are overpowered in comparison to the rest and if you want to compete at the top level and fight for a championship, you’re going to pick the ‘best’ car. So if you can have the best car and use a ‘loophole’ within the setups to give you a further advantage.. You’re going to use it.

Now, let’s look at this from the eyes of someone who has spent hours and hours, weeks, months and years working on their race craft, understanding setups and turning lap after lap looking for that extra couple of tenths..

And imagine how they would feel to know there’s a simple hack you can do to find that extra 0.2 to 0.5 (in some cases). Again, dig a little deeper, no matter what you did, without knowing of this hack, someone who did, would always have an advantage over you.

What do you do?.. Firstly, you hope Kunos and the developers behind ACC pick this up quickly and fix it. Secondly, do you use it until it is patched or do you stay true and continue as you were? And lastly, how do you feel about continuing to compete in any league/events until this is confirmed as being fixed?

The concern here is that the current events could really sour ACC for some. Ok, pretty much anyone involved in the sim racing community will now know this can be done and the likelihood is, they will now do it.

However, ACC and it’s 1.8 update has already caused quite the issue around it’s BOP and the fact if you aren’t in a McLaren or an M4, you haven’t got a chance. Kunos acted relatively quickly and has adjusted the McLaren and M4 but, there are still really only two cars to be in.. and it’s the same ones.

In a perfect world, we would have sims that didn’t have exploits, hacks or loopholes to gain an advantage but, people are clever and people will always look into ways they can ‘break the system’ to their advantage.

So, I think there will always be this ‘issue’. What seems to have caused a stir on social media is that some people did not want this to become public knowledge, some are annoyed, others are denying it and some are just staying quiet (the last one is the best option in my opinion).

What is sad to see, is the hate towards one another if there is a differing opinion. People siding and become quite aggressive if they do not agree with things that have been said.

I’m sure this will all settle down soon, I hope Kunos sees this and fixes the issue ASAP and I hope we can all get back to racing and that racing is done on pure ability and knowledge of ‘honest’ setups alone. The idea of a sim is for it to be as close to possible as the real thing after all.. right?

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1 thought on “Surely Not Another Assetto Corsa Competizione Cheat Exploit?”

  1. This is in the for a long time

    Kunos are very lazy company so i do not think this will be fixed or patched soon…
    On the other end almost every top drivers are using this exploit and are raging about this case leaking out. In this case i think the might lobbing Kunos to silence this case

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