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Sim Racing, Gaming, Hydrating, Stay Focused And Game On!

Sim Racing, Gaming, Hydrating, Stay Focused And Game On!

With all gaming, sim racing and more, the importance of rest and hydrating are key to remaining focused in your game.

Now then, this is something a little different, we all like gaming and sim racing, but hydrating, rest and small changes can really help you stay focused.

I would like to point out to people in sim racing and gaming on how you can stay focused. Now I cannot recall it being seen anywhere else of recent, so remember where you have seen it first.

Many people in gaming and sim racing play for hours upon end without taking care of themselves. Now I’m not one to stand here and tell you what to do, but the importance of wellbeing and hydration is something that I feel needs to be highlighted.

Am I going to go full on health GURU here? No

This is just something important I felt the need to put out there for the gamers. There is no obligation to do as I say, nor will I take responsibility for those that ignore. As we all know, gaming is a great past time that we can lose hours over if we are in the zone.

Key points that could be useful:

  • Hydrate
  • Walk around after long hours of fixed posture
  • Talk to someone
  • Switch off or come away from your game for a little while
  • Get some fresh air
  • Grab some food
  • Visit 🙂

Too much practice or repetitive gaming can actually be a detriment to your performance. Believe it or not, this is a truthful fact. Put it this way, practice is great…yes, but too much can actually flatline your progress.

Take a racing sim, you practice and become better, but then all of a sudden the level of progress starts to fall away and you cannot reach those lap times you once did. This is known as burnout. A point where you cannot focus in the same state of mind, your brain is literally exhausted and tired.

Like the key points mentioned above, taking a rest or coming away for a bit can actually refresh your state of mind….then you are ready to go.

Now with those things mentioned, it can make a great change to your routine of constantly sitting in front of a screen gaming. Me personally, I love gaming, but be sure to look after yourself out there!

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