Women In Sim Racing Yvonne Houffelaar Blog #46

Women in sim racing continues with our resident blogger Yvonne Houffelaar and her sim racing blogs right here at simrace247.

Our resident female blogger Yvonne Houffelaar continues with her women in sim racing blogs here at simrace247. Now, blog #46 has Yvonne keeping the community posted with her sim racing events and more.

For many, the #46 is a legendary and iconic number in motorsport, Yvonne from those fans, we congratulate you on reaching #46.

Theamusante Community Rush Hour

On Friday 07-01-2022, was the 5th round of Theamusante Community Rush Hour, 1 hour at Zandvoort. It promised to be an interesting race. With no time to practice, I needed to use the Sim Grid Sprint Cup setup, but this was before the big Assetto Corsa Competizione update.

I qualified on P6, not very good, but also not very bad. I had a very good start, I gained 3 positions in the first lap! I was on P3, following P2 for the first part of the race. Then the rain was coming, and I needed to do the mandatory pitstop.

My fuel was empty, which meant I needed to come earlier to the pitlane. After 35 minutes in the race, I pitted for fuel and dry tires. After two laps it turns out the pits started to rain a lot more than expected. I couldn’t pit anymore, because I would have lost too much time, and decided to drive it out on dry tires in the wet.

I had a gap from 34 seconds to P4 in the Pro Class, by the end of the race it was 4 seconds, but still enough for P3 in the Pro Class. Maryn Edwards drove in the Porsche GT4, she drove very well! Luckily, she could pit later, which means she had wet tires on, in the second part of the race. She ended up P9 in Pro Class!

RCI Endurance World Challenge 

On Saturday 08-01-2022 was the final round of the RCI Endurance World Challenge, which was 6 hours at Monza. I drove this race together with Sophie Aeronwen and Sarah Johnson. I didn’t drive a very good qualifying, we started from P21.

After a good start and first stint, we were in P10. Sarah drove the next stint, it was a difficult one, an incident that she couldn’t avoid, give us a lot of damage. We repaired the damage, and I was back in the car.

From P29 back to P14, no idea how, I had a solid and consistent pace, but not very fast. I had some good fights on track and enjoyed my stint. Sophie took over the car, when my stint was finished.

She had a very tough stint and had damage, we repaired it, and she was going out for another stint. She was very unlucky and had damage again. We decided that I take over the car, put a full tank (120l) in, and do a splash and dash in the end.

I drove 1 hour and 40 minutes on one set of tires, luckily the tires were still good in the end. Because of the splash and dash we won a couple of places, we finished P17, P10 in Silver Class. I didn’t expect this result, after all the time we lost. We had a good decent pace, I enjoyed it!

GGG Formula-G Series

On Monday 10-01-2022, started a new series in GT Sports, organized by Grandpa Goes Racing (Steve). It was 40 minutes at Sardegna Road Track A, with the Super Formula 19. I drove this car and track for the second time, and I really enjoyed the car.

The wheel had some problems, especially the pedals. In qualifying I had only half throttle, I needed to start from the back. I hoped the wheel would be fixed after restarting the wheel, unfortunately, it wasn’t.

Full stream replay: https://youtu.be/QlgJcCtmdCo

In the second lap of the race, the wheel disconnected, I crashed into the wall and got very fast my controller. This race was all about fuel saving, and I knew I had a chance. When I closed the gap with the group, I could do some extra fuel saving.

This means, the last 2 laps, I could rev it out, and use engine map 1. A lot of drivers ran out of fuel, and I ended up P5!! It was a strange race because I’m not used to driving with a controller. I did some nice overtakes, and I enjoyed the race a lot!!

Upcoming races:

15-01-2022: The Sim Grid Endurance Cup Round 4, 6 hours @ Kyalami 

15-01-2022: Simarc Girls Racing Cup, Round 1 @ Dragon Trail (GT Sports

17-01-2022: Team Racing Point Women’s Championship Round 1 @ Silverstone 

18-01-2022: Race Asylum Real World 150, 1 hour @ Red Bull Ring

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