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New Free Group 5 Cars 1977 -1978 in Automobilista

Check out these free and new Group 5 mods from the 77 – 78 era in Automobilista. Great cars from a bygone era that are well worth checking out.

Everyone likes Group 5, great cars from a bygone era that still command respect, that’s why you should check out these new and free mods for Automobilista. Featuring models from the 77 -78 season CMH and its associates have nailed it with these great mods.



  • Matthew Sibanyoni (Project Leader, Head Modeller) – South Africa
  • Richard Wilks (Head Physics, Genius) – Portugal
  • Richard Coxon (Assistant Physics, Head of AMS convert, Genius) – Britain
  • Victor Alcaide (Data Collection, Bestest boy) – Spain
  • Filippo Marazzi (Data Collection, 2nd Bestest boy) – Italy
  • Jaz Everitt aka Junkboots (Head Painter, the world’s best artist) – Britain
  • Sam Smith (Assistant Painter, the world’s best Aussie artist) – Australia
  • TCBY (Assistant Painter, the best of the kiwi art scene) – New Zealand
  • HarryHainx (Assistant Modeler, our favorite Colombian) – Columbia
  • David Sabre (Assistant Modeler, the most patient soul on earth) – Britain

Special notes: This mod is a FREE product. If you have paid for this mod you have been scammed and need to report to the authorities as soon as possible. The work in this mod is the main property of Classic Motorsport Hub and all supporting parties. You may use these assets WITH PERMISSION GRANTED. (Contact us above.)


  • Pascal Mikula (Porsche 935 78 cockpit, assistant) – Germany
  • Kraid (Steering Wheel guide) – Germany – International Simracing Organisation
  • DRM Modding Team
  • Absolute Modding Team
  • Brickyard Legends Team
  • Virtua_LM Junior Team



Darren Buckner

Darren Buckner

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